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Making toys is stressful

The elves head out behind Santa’s workshop for a quick smoke break.
“Got a light?”

Alabaster Elf is busy making toys for all the good little ducklings.

“This time of year is always hectic, but thanks to Red Bull and sugary candy canes I power right through it.”

Twelve Ducks a Quacking

“Deck the halls with flocks of duckies”
‘Fa La La La Laaa La La La Quack!”

Halloween is upon us!

Happy Mother’s Day

“Are we there yet?”

Hope everyone had a great Easter

“Looks like we’ll be having boiled eggs for breakfast all week.”

Happy Chinese New Year

“It’s the year of the rat! I hear a squeaking…and it’s not a rubber duck!”

Happy Mardi Gras

“I did it for the beads.”

Merry Quackmas

these three rubber ducks wish you a merry christmasHave yourself a ducky little Christmas!

Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town?

photo of rubber ducks vegas baby in front of a gingerbread houseExcuse me, have you seen Santa Claus?