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Happy Hanukkah

Spin the Dreidel!

…Rudolph went on to have twins..

…Leif Blinker and Wright Blinker.

Quacky Thanksgiving

Turduck: “Uh….moo?”

Quacksgiving Harvest

Veterans Day Tribute Duckie Style

Monster Mash

Quacky Halloween to everyone!

Lurking in the shadows

“I want to duck your blood!”

More Halloween Goodies

Insomni-maniac Duck: “I haven’t slept for 10 days…because that would be too long!”

The Pumpkin Pie Predicament

Zippy (striped duck): “Hey Glenda (witch duck), wanna share some pumpkin pie before we go out trick or treating?”

Glenda: “Oh no, not now….Not in front of Duck-O-Lantern!”

Duck-O-Lantern (pumpkin duck): “Hey guys, what’s up? What are you up to over there?”


Cheese Duck: “Hello, Mr. Jack-O-Lantern.”

Jack-O-Lantern: “Hello, duck. Who’s this cat-duck who is staring me down?”

Cheese Duck: “Oh, that’s my new friend….his name is Carver.”

Carver: “Meow, quack.”

Jack-O-Lantern: “You’ve got to be joking!”

Cheese Duck: “No…but I do have a good pumpkin joke. Wanna hear it?”

Jack-O-Lantern: “Ok. This better be good.”

Cheese Duck: “Why didn’t the jack-o-lantern cross the road?”

Jack-O-Lantern: “I don’t know, duck. Why?”

Cheese Duck: “Because it had no guts!”

Jack-O-Lantern: “That was a pretty cheesy joke.  And anyway, I’ve got guts. I’ve got plenty of guts, duck!”

Carver: “..Or as I like to call it…..squash. Heehee. Meow, quack.”

Jack-O-Lantern: “Now that was funny, cat.  Haha. Just stop staring at me. You’re making me nervous.”