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Chocoholic Christmas Shenanigans….

Chocoholic Christmas

Chocoholic Chick: “Candy….it’s what’s for dinner.”

Tis the Season….

elf duck

Alabaster Elf: “We better get to work…..we’ve got a lot of toys to make for all the good little ducklings…”

Jingle Elf: “I need a raise.”

Feliz Navi-Duck!

Feliz Navi-duck

Prospero Año y Felicidad!

Meanwhile, up at the North Pole….

….back behind Santa’s workshop….

smoking duckies

Alabaster Elf: “Making toys is stressful.”

Jingle Elf: “Got a light?”

It’s beginning to look a lot like Chistmas…

candy land ducks

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,

Everywhere you go!

Take a look at the Duckyland, glistening once again

With candy canes and silver lanes aglow!

Quacky Black Friday

Black Friday ducks

Quacky Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving scarecrow

Thanksgiving Quackiness

Thanksgiving ducks

Tur-duck: “My behind is a terrible thing to baste.”

Quacky Halloween!

Halloween ducks

Twas the Night before Hallows Eve….

Halloween ducks

Trick or Squeak!