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Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Sleigh ducks

Santa: “All packed up and ready to go! Now let’s go deliver all these toys to the good little ducklings in Duckville!”

Rudolf: “Roger that!”

Santa & reindeer

Santa: “Now Donald! Now Daffy!  Now Pato and Quackers……”

Happy Holly Days

Holly Days

Holly Duck: “Now that all the gifts are wrapped, I must get the Christmas “quackers” ready for Santa Clause when he comes to Duckland on Christmas Eve!”

Walking in a Winter Wonder…..

Christmas snowman

Santa: “Say Blitzen…Is it me…or do you feel like we are being followed?”

More from Candy Land….

Ducks Fizz in Candy Land

Duckie Fizz (to the tune of Winter Wonderland): “Sleigh bells ring, Are you listening? On the pond, snow is glistening. A beautiful sight! We’re quacky tonight! Waddling in a winter candy land!”


Duck Quackers….

Duck Quackers

Nutcracker: “Hey Ducks, got any nuts?”

Chocoholic Chick 1: “No nuts over here….just 100% pure milk chocolate….”

Chocoholic Chick 2: “Why are those nutcrackers staring at us like that? I hope they do not think we are nutty….like a chocolatey Snickers bar”

Chocoholic Chick 1: “Yeah, that would be nuts!”

Nutcracker: “Hey, did I hear someone say NUTS?”

Rudolph the Red Nose Reinducks

Right & Left Blinker

Rudolph went on to have twins……..Leif Blinker and Wright Blinker.

Twelve Ducks A Quacking…

12 ducks a quacking

Happy 12-12-12 everyone! Here are 12 ducks a quacking to celebrate this historical date!


Ducks quacking joyously…..”Our beaks are nice and rosy and comfy cozy are we!”

“We’re snuggled up together like two birds of a feather we’ll be!”

“Let’s take the road before us and quack a chorus or two!”

“Come on it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with youuuuuuu!”


Santa Claus is Coming to……Sin City

Vegas Christmas

Vegas Baby: “Hellooooooooo Santa!”

Santa Claus: “Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!”

Quacky Hanukkah!

Hanukkah duck

Gift Giving Rubber Duck Style

There are not too many shopping days until Christmas, and you may be thinking…..”what can I get that special someone in my life who collects rubber ducks?” Perhaps Duckshow can help out with a few recommendations….

The first recommendation for rubber duck lovers is Opal London’s Quacker Collectables. Chocolate lovers will love the Chocoholic Chicks! Bonus…they are calorie free ;) Bob the Billduck is perfect for all those DIY folks! Corporal Cluck is BRAND spanking new and comes with it’s own ‘duck tag.’ One of my fav’s ‘Duck Fizz’ quacks in the New Year in all it’s SHINY glow!

Have you decorated….or “duck-orated” your Christmas tree? Spruce up any Christmas tree with the rubber duck ornaments seen below. And last but not least…..James Pond….Licensed to thrill! You can order all of the Quackers ducks by clicking here. They ship to the US (for all you American duck folks). AND BONUS…ENTER the code “DUCKSHOW” at the time of checkout and get 10% off through the end of the year!

chocoholic chickbob the billduckCorporal Cluck

Ducks Fizzchristmas-duckys-setjames-pond

Austroducks creates rubber ducks with an Austrian theme. These ducks make great gifts because of the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each design. Featured below are Sigmund Freud and famous Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, as well as famous Austrian composers Johann Strauss and Mozart.



The newest ducks in the Austroducks family are the Vienna Boys Choir ducks! You can get the two ducks and an inclusive Boys Choir Christmas CD. It makes a great gift for music lovers. You can shop for Austroducks here. They ship to the US as well.

Vienna ducks

CelebriDucks make great gifts for duck collectors. These ducks are all limited edition (which makes them highly collectable). There is also an option to add chocolates or soap, and a personalized gift card and gift bag if you like. Below are some of Duckshow’s favorites. Sam the USA Duck is 100% made in America! This history making duck is a must have for any collector! Cocoa Canard is another chocolate lover’s duck that makes a perfect gift when you add the chocolates to it (bonus-the chocolates have duckies on them ;)

University of Oregon duck is popular this year. The CelebriDuck looks like the mascot. The resemblance is UnCaNny! Cupcake Canard is a must have for dessert foodies, and Mr. Green is perfect for those who have gone green! And, of course, who can refuse a Santa CelebriDuck on Christmas morning? Most of the CelebriDucks come in their own collectable gift boxes as well. You can get CelebriDucks by clicking here.

SamCocoa DuckSanta

Oregon DuckMr Green

Bud Duck by Designroom is another favorite of rubber duck collectors. They have a HUGE number of duck designs to choose from! Below are some of Duckshow’s favorites. Pop Heart Duck, Comic Art Duck, Diva Duck, Smiley Duck, Zag Duck, and Cowboy Duck. The best place to purchase them is at Duckshop, Duckshop USA, and Just Ducks.

Love heartszapDiva


Lanco ducks are characterized by their big doe-eyed expression. These little guys are made out of 100% latex rubber, which literally makes them “rubber ducks.” There are many styles of Lanco rubber ducks…but here are some of Duckshow’s favorites….Birthday Duck, Coffee Duck, Pilot Duck, Ski Duck, Spa Duck, and Octoberfest Duck. You can also find these on Duckshop, Duckshop USA, and Just Ducks.

Lanco 1Lanco 2Lanco 3

lanco 4lanco 5lanco 6

In addition to the gift ideas above, it is also worth mentioning the best online stores to find a variety of ducks. Of course, there are the above mentioned online stores. But a couple of other spots to find ducks are Quacker Gift Shop, Buck A Duck, and Badeendwinkel. You can also find ducks at some of your local shops…like Maxiga and Cost Plus World Market. Happy duck hunting!