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Bunny Duck: “Buk Buk, Nom Nom, Buk Buk, Nom Nom…..”


With Easter around the corner, I figured I’d post parodies of that Cadbury Bunny commercial all week long….you know, that commercial where various animals with bunny ears audition to be in the Cadbury commercial. Looks like this little ducky won’t be getting any call backs for a second audition…..Those do not appear to be Cadbury eggs, Mr. Duck! Stay tuned for more Cadbury style try-out parodies ALL. WEEK. LONG. This is going to be fun ;)

Quacky St. Paddy’s Day

Lucky Duck: “Why should you never iron a four leaf clover?”

Duckprechaun: “I don’t know….why should you never iron a four leaf clover, Lucky D.?”

Lucky Duck: “Because you don’t want to press your luck!”

It’s Mardi Gras!

Cheese Duck:”Throw a duck some beads and Laissez le Bon temp rouler! (Let the good times roll).”

Four Score and Seven Quacks ago….

Quacky President’s Day to all!

Quacky Valentine’s Day

From Duckshow to you :)

Here Comes Valentine’s Day….

Here’s a little “Love is” parody I created just for all those lovey duckies out there. Just makes you want to saw, “awwwwwwwe,” doesn’t it?

I’m With Cupid.

Cupids: “Don’t mind us… just waiting in the ‘wings’ for our next target.”

Quacky Groundhog Day!

Quacky Groundhog Day! Will the groundhog see his shadow today? Is that his shadow lurking behind him? Will he turn around and see it? Don’t do it, Groundhog Duckie! Just keep on holding up that sign, ok?

Celebrating Australia and Mozart!

I was recently informed that January 26th (today) marks an anniversary and a holiday! Today is the day Mozart was born! And my Aussie friends have informed me that today is Australia Day! Break out the confetti!

Happy Australia Day!!!!!

Celebrate Mozart’s Birthday!!!