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Get Quackers Ducks 15% Off This Holiday Season

As a special holiday promotion courtesy of Opal London, Duckshow followers can get a 15% discount on all of the Quackers Collectable ducks (the stars in the duck flick showing above)!! Just visit the Quackers page, order some ducks, and enter “duckshow” in the promo code area when you check out. It’s as easy as that! Hurry because this offer won’t last long! And stay tuned to see the Quackers ducks themselves bring in the New Year in a special video here on Duckshow!

Ducktannia: “Only a few more days and counting down until our special celebration!”

Darling Duck: “It will be something to quack about, darrrrrling!”


‘Twas the Night Before Duckmas…

Jack Skellington duck is one of the latest additions to my collection. I got it online at Only Ducks. You can see more of Michelle’s (she’s the artist extraordinaire behind the ducks) designs on the Only Ducks facebook page. And for any of those Tim Burton fans, there are also Sally and a Zero ducks.

Who Let the Ducks Out!

It’s Black Friday! Be careful out there!

Duckie: “Outta my way! I need a 40-inch LCD HDTV!”

Duckie: “Outta my way! I need an Xbox 360 Kinect!”

Quacky Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there in duckland!

More Holiday Hilarity

Pilgrim: “Hello there. Have you seen a turduck (turkey-duck) running around here?”

Chief Flapping Wings: “No. No I have not, Kemosabe.”

Turduck: “Mooooooo.”

Thanksgiving Shenanigans

Waddling Bird: “The Pilgrims are coming! The Pilgrims are coming!”

Chief Tumbling Dice: “Well, I guess we can forget building those casinos for a few hundred years.”

Little Big Beak: “There goes the neighborhood.”

Thanksgiving Is Upon Us

Cheese Duck: “Ummm, that’s right, Kemosabe.”

Here comes Thanksgiving!

Scarecrow: “Hey Turduck, why are you hiding in the pumpkin patch?”

Turduck: “Thanksgiving is just around the corner and turduckens are all the rage this year!”

Something Quacky This Way Comes

Witches: “Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.”

First witch: “Black cats leaping everywhere!”

Second witch: “Something fowl and something fair!”

Third witch:” Hop on my broom and fly through the air….”

Second witch: “Broom?…..We don’t need no stinking brooms! We just flap our wings”

Witches: “Eeeeee hee hee hee heeeee!”


Halloween Dieting

Billy Bones: “You’re looking so skinny these days. How do you do it without exercising?”

Skeletal Skippy: “I’m on the Halloween candy diet….you just eat 3 square meals of Skittles, Hot Tamales, and Twizzlers and a couple of snacks of fun size candy corn.”