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A Quacky Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year duck

HiYa Duck: “A snake in the grass is worth moving your @ss, little Grasshopper.”

Duckling Ling: “What about a snake in the house?”

HiYa Duck: “When the snake is in the house, one need not discuss the matter at length.”

Duckling Ling: “Well then, I’ll see you later because there is a giant cobra in the house.”

Cobra: “Pssssst Tsssssss!”

Chinese New Year duckie

HiYa Duck: “A cobra is no match for the master!”

Happy Chinese New Year!


Valentine’s Day is Upon Us!

Ducks Fizz hearts

Ducks Fizz are giddy with celebration anticipation!

Ducks Fizz: “We are giddy!”

Love Is…..

Love is Just Ducky

Happiness is…..Valentine’s Candy

Chocoholic Chick

Chocoholic Chick:Happiness  “Sweeeeeeeet!”


Here Comes Valentine’s Day!

Lanco Heart


All You Need Is…..

Love birds


Quacky New Year!

New Year duck

May happy times never leave you throughout the year, and special memories brighten each day and may every day give you a new reason to celebrate! Duckshow wishes everyone out there in duckland a happy new year!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas ducks

Tis the season to be ducky! Fa La La La La, La La La Quack!

Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Sleigh ducks

Santa: “All packed up and ready to go! Now let’s go deliver all these toys to the good little ducklings in Duckville!”

Rudolf: “Roger that!”

Santa & reindeer

Santa: “Now Donald! Now Daffy!  Now Pato and Quackers……”

Happy Holly Days

Holly Days

Holly Duck: “Now that all the gifts are wrapped, I must get the Christmas “quackers” ready for Santa Clause when he comes to Duckland on Christmas Eve!”