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Quacky Father’s Day!

Father's Day

Quacky Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial day duck

Quacky Mother’s Day!

Spa duck

Quacky Cinco De Mayo

Most Interesting duck in the world

“I don’t always quack….. but when I do, I ‘quack’ open a Dos Duckies.”

Quacky Cinco De Mayo from the most interesting DUCK in the world.

“Stay quacky , my friends.”

Cinco De Mayo is is Upon Us.

cinco duck

The piñatas came back for their candy.

Aye Yi Yi!

piñatas duck

Get ready for Cinco de Mayo!

Quacky Earth Day!

earth day

Quacky Easter!

Last Supper Parody

Easter Humor

chocolate bunnies

Right Bunny: “Happy Easter!”

Left Bunny: “What?”

Happy Peepster

Peeps rubber duck