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Hold My Duck: New York’s Bravest

New York Firefighter rubber duck

One of New York’s Bravest FDNY fire fighters holds a fire fighting rubber duck.

Hold My Duck: Kilt to the Hilt

Tartan Day Festivities rubber ducks

A guy who looks like he should be on a Scotch ad as the Scottish version of “the most interesting man in the world” holds a Scottish rubber duck during Tartan Day festivities.

Hold My Duck: Samuel L. Jackson Ducks on a Plane?

Samuel L. Jackson holds a rubber duck

Samuel L. Jackson really didn’t want to take this picture at ‘The Spirit’ premiere party. He looks angry  like there are a bunch of rubber ducks loose on a plane while Jamie King and Stana Katic seem to appreciate the duck’s company.

Stana Katic in the Spirit

Stana Katic holds my rubber duck

Stana Katic who plays “Morgenstern” in ‘The Spirit’ holds my rubber duck. She also plays Detective Kate Beckett in the fun TV show “Castle.”

Hold My Duck: Jamie King ‘Rox’ the Duck

Jamie King holds the rubber duck

Jamie King plays “Lorelei Rox” in “The Spirit” and really knows how to make a grown duck blush.

Naked Cowboy Times Square Ducks

Naked Cowboy holds rubber duck in Times Square

World-famous Naked Cowboy who strums his guitar in his underwear in Times Square holds Cowduck on his instrument.

Hold My Duck: Foil Guy

silver guy holds rubber duck

Silver guy holds a rubber duck suddenly giving the rubber water fowl a craving for Jiffy Pop.