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Hold My Duck Blue Girl

She held the duck until she was blue in the face.

More Comic Con Ducks

As I said in the previous post, there were so many people dressed up that I just couldn’t help but ask quite a few of them to pose with one of my ducks! Here are even more Comic Con crusaders with ducks:

Harley Quinn and Jester Duck…..two of a kind!

Mario warns Superduck about the dangers of swimming in the toilet.

Pinhead wonders if there are duckies in hell….Superduckie tells him there are devil ducks in hell.

Who ya gonna call when a ghost tries to eat your duck?! Ghostbusters, of course!

Oh my! What did she do to that duck? ;)

Zombies show their “undying” love for the zombie duck.

She is sad because the duckie has been zombie-fied…not to worry….the duck’s quack is worse than it’s bite ;)

A large wooden hand is no match for holding a duck!

I believe he has successfully hypnotized Princess Layer duck.

Careful, Count Duckula! Something tells me this guy stains very easily!

Who in their right mind would dress form head to toe yellow?! Oh wait, that’s me!  And of course, I’m holding a duck ;)

The yellow get up I sported in the above picture was just for one day of Comic Con. I dressed up in full costume the next day of Comic Con! What was my costume? Was it duck themed? Stay tuned to find out!

Comic Con Ducks

NYC Comic Con was out of this world! Everywhere you looked folks were dressed up as their favorite comic book, sci-fi, or anime character (myself included….but more on that later this week). So…of course I couldn’t resist getting pictures of some of the costumed crusaders at Comic Con posing with a duck….and I must say…not one person turned me down. Live long and prosper, Comic Con!

It’s morphin’ time!

Purr-ty cool!

Superheroines and Super Duck unite!

Super Friends…and Super Duck unite!

Super Friends….a different day, a different duck.

Zatanna and Dark Lily Duck. Abracadabra!

Wonder Man and Wonder Woman duck…..a perfect match!

I’m not sure which character this is, but if those are 3-D glasses, I can only imagine what the duck must look like ;)

Va Va Voom at the Vampire Booth (with Count Duckula)!

Domo tells Wonder Woman Duck all about his Comic Con adventures.

Wonder Woman perches by Spidey’s head. I wonder if Carnage will notice?

Just in case you haven’t seen enough, I’ve got even MORE costumed crusaders posing with ducks! Stay tuned tomorrow!

Hold My Duck

So…..the ducks went back to Atlantic City this past weekend for even more fun! As I was walking down the boardwalk, I met this really cool guy named Michael Young. Turns out, he is the author of a four book MURDER MYSTERY/THRILLER series. He is also the author of a giddy romance novel titled: THE WOMAN OF ALL SEASON’S. He lives in Atlantic City N.J. with his wife and children. So, of course I had to get him to pose with a duck! You can find his books here.

Cowduck: “Howdy Michael. ‘Thrilled’ to meet ya!”

E.T. Hold Duck

Free Hugs in Times Square

Hosted nearly every year since 1984, Fleet Week New York is the city’s celebration of the sea services. It’s a tradition in which active military ships recently deployed in overseas operations dock and the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard enter the city to visit its tourist attractions. I found a couple of them in Times Square holding this Free Hugs sign. I couldn’t help but get them to snap a picture with my duck. Awwwwe!

Vegas Style

A few years ago I started getting interesting people and even some celebs to pose with one of my many rubber ducks for a quick picture.  Now I have a category for those pictures called “hold my duck” because I simply approach these people and ask them to “hold my duck” for a picture with a duck. It was no different in Vegas. Here are a few of the shots I got:

Cheese Duck and the Flamingo Showgirls.

Elvis (and his other brother Elvis) and Elvis Duck.

Woody (from Toy Story) and the Cowduck.

And of course, Donald Duck (and the Disney gang) holding Cupcake Canard. Aren’t they a little far from home? Well..they are standing in front of the Planet Hollywood Casino.

Stay tuned for more duck-tabulous adventures in Vegas! Because what happened in Vegas gets posted on Duckshow…mostly ;)

Carrot Top Wines With Duck

Carrot Top drinking with rubber duck

Legendary comedian and Vegas headliner Carrot Top shares a glass of wine with Vegas Baby, the rubber duck.

Ducks, Stormtrooper and Darth Vader

Stormtrooper and Darth Vader hold a rubber duck

A stormtrooper and Darth Vader hold Cheese, a Jedi rubber duck. May the force quack with you.

Hold My Duck: Street Spiderman

Spiderman Hollywood street perfromer holds my rubber duck

Hollywood “street Spiderman” holds the infamous Cheese rubber duck.