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E.T. Hold Duck

Free Hugs in Times Square

Hosted nearly every year since 1984, Fleet Week New York is the city’s celebration of the sea services. It’s a tradition in which active military ships recently deployed in overseas operations dock and the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard enter the city to visit its tourist attractions. I found a couple of them in Times Square holding this Free Hugs sign. I couldn’t help but get them to snap a picture with my duck. Awwwwe!

Vegas Style

A few years ago I started getting interesting people and even some celebs to pose with one of my many rubber ducks for a quick picture.  Now I have a category for those pictures called “hold my duck” because I simply approach these people and ask them to “hold my duck” for a picture with a duck. It was no different in Vegas. Here are a few of the shots I got:

Cheese Duck and the Flamingo Showgirls.

Elvis (and his other brother Elvis) and Elvis Duck.

Woody (from Toy Story) and the Cowduck.

And of course, Donald Duck (and the Disney gang) holding Cupcake Canard. Aren’t they a little far from home? Well..they are standing in front of the Planet Hollywood Casino.

Stay tuned for more duck-tabulous adventures in Vegas! Because what happened in Vegas gets posted on Duckshow…mostly ;)

Carrot Top Wines With Duck

Carrot Top drinking with rubber duck

Legendary comedian and Vegas headliner Carrot Top shares a glass of wine with Vegas Baby, the rubber duck.

Ducks, Stormtrooper and Darth Vader

Stormtrooper and Darth Vader hold a rubber duck

A stormtrooper and Darth Vader hold Cheese, a Jedi rubber duck. May the force quack with you.

Hold My Duck: Street Spiderman

Spiderman Hollywood street perfromer holds my rubber duck

Hollywood “street Spiderman” holds the infamous Cheese rubber duck.

Hold My Duck: New York’s Bravest

New York Firefighter rubber duck

One of New York’s Bravest FDNY fire fighters holds a fire fighting rubber duck.

Hold My Duck: Kilt to the Hilt

Tartan Day Festivities rubber ducks

A guy who looks like he should be on a Scotch ad as the Scottish version of “the most interesting man in the world” holds a Scottish rubber duck during Tartan Day festivities.

Hold My Duck: Samuel L. Jackson Ducks on a Plane?

Samuel L. Jackson holds a rubber duck

Samuel L. Jackson really didn’t want to take this picture at ‘The Spirit’ premiere party. He looks angry  like there are a bunch of rubber ducks loose on a plane while Jamie King and Stana Katic seem to appreciate the duck’s company.

Stana Katic in the Spirit

Stana Katic holds my rubber duck

Stana Katic who plays “Morgenstern” in ‘The Spirit’ holds my rubber duck. She also plays Detective Kate Beckett in the fun TV show “Castle.”