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Hail….Yoda Duck!

Yoda statue

New York Comic Con 2017

Every year at NY Comic Con I get folks in costumes to pose with rubber ducks. So without further ado here is the NY Comic Con “Hold my duck” 2017 edition…and also a Duck Tales spotting :) :

NY Comic Con 2017

NY Comic Con 2017

NY Comic Con 2017

NY Comic Con 2017

NY Comic Con 2017

NY Comic Con 2017

Duck Tales



Why Won’t You Hold My Duck?

It all started many years ago as a joke (as most things do). I started asking interesting people to pose with a duck to see if people would do it. As it turns out, most people don’t mind. They usually just laugh and strike a pose with the duck. Eventually Duckshow persuaded the likes of such people such as The Naked Cowboy in Times Square, Carrot Top, and even Samuel L. Jackson to pose with a duck. Although some took a little more persuading than others, all were good sports. And then……

At NYC Comic Con, I stepped up to take a photo with some Super Heros. I asked them all to hold a duck. For some reason I just thought they would play along and we’d have a funny group ‘hold my duck’ shot. But holy cow, Batman… I was wrong! They told me they couldn’t hold any “product”…..or “produck” in this case ;) So I had to hold ALL the ducks in my hands! And here’s the “produck” of what happened. I stuck my tongue out in the photo (and so did my doppelganger apparently). Hold my duck? Fail!

duck haters

Comic Con 2016!

There are always so many colorful costume characters at Comic Con! This year was no different! And as usual, Duckshow is there to capture it all… getting some of the characters to pose with a duck. Here are the results…..

Comic Con duck 2016

A stormtrooper holds a Chewbacca duck.

Clown Comic Con

The clown from American Horror Story’s “Creep Show” clowns around with this Bud duck.

Comic Con lightning

Struck by lightning!

fantasy land duck

It appears that Spiderduck landed in fantasy land!

Sunshine duck

Usually it’s the rubber duck that’s yellow. Not here ;)

Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum

And finally, Harley Quinn meets Batduck! Batsy, batsy, batsy! See you next year, kids!



Holy Quack!

Comic Con

Think fast Captain America Duck!

Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie

Cheese Duck: “Fancy meeting you!”

Toy Shack

Toy Shack

The Toy Shack has been featured on a show, “Pawn Stars,” centered on the now famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Vegas run by Rick Harrison. Call me corny, but I love that show. I was visiting the Toy Shack and saw owner Johnny Jimenez who is the vintage toy expert who comes down to the pawn shop when Rick needs some advice on the value of an old collectable toy. He was super cool and we took a pic holding one of our favorite toys ;)

Hold My Duck Vegas Style

Showgirls rubber duck

Darling Duck: “Birds of a feather flock together!”

Showgirls Across America!

Showgirls across America

There’s a duck in there somewhere! Heehe. You gotta be pretty limber to do all those Showgirl high kicks! These ladies were awesome! If you are in the downtown Las Vegas area be sure to get your very own pic with them! Check out their facebook page here.

Mr. Peanut and Fizzy Duck

I was in Atlantic City (again…..what can I say….it’s such a cheap getaway ;) .  I ran into Mr. Peanut on the boardwalk, and of course I had to get a pic of him with a duck…..Fizzy duck is almost camouflaged!

Fizzy Duck: “Fancy running into Mr. Peanut in Atlantic City! This is nuts!”