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Rubber Duck Chess Game

Check and mate….or is it…Duck and mate? Either way, the game of chess just got a little more duck-a-licious. The chess pieces are in the shapes of rubber ducks and the board has been decorated with duckies as well. Game of Duck Chess anyone? You can get your own Duck Chess Game here.

Gustav Klimt Rubber Duckie

Spring is just around the corner. And if you know anything about collecting ducks, then you know that springtime is “duck season.” Don’t worry, duckie friends….no ducks are harmed in the duck season that I am referring to here. It just so happens that Easter and summer themed  goodies start cropping up all over the place. Rubber ducks are popular toys for Easter and summertime. This is why duck collectors refer to spring as “duck season” or “duck hunting season.” It is prime time for finding rubber ducks at major retail chains.

Obviously, a duck collector will peruse the stores around their neighborhood and find many treasures this spring…..but there is also a very collectable duck made by Austroducks that is expected to be released this April. Austroducks makes ‘Austrian themed’ rubber ducks (such as their Mozart and Sigmund Freud ducks). The newest Austroduck creation is the Gustav Klimt duck. For those of you who do not know much about Austrian or art history, Gustav was an Austrian Symbolist painter whose famous works include “Adele Bloch-Bauer” and “The Kiss.” The city of Vienna, Austria will celebrate the 150th birthday of Gustav Klimt this summer with special exhibitions all over the city. And Austroducks has created this rubber duck to commemorate it! Behold Gustav Klimt Duckie!

You can see more Austroducks here. You can also buy Austroducks at Squeaky Ducks, and Duckshop.

Here comes Sam CelebriDuck!

In less than 2 weeks CelebriDucks is introducing “Sam Hatched in the USA” duck! As you may know, all rubber duck production has been outsourced to countries (like China, for example) to save money. Creator of CelebriDucks, Craig Wolfe, has worked very hard to bring rubber duck production back to the US where the rubber duck was originally invented. other  Sam is 100% made in the USA! The first of it’s kind in YEARS! That makes this little guy a ‘must have’ for all rubber duck collectors! You can pre order Sam CelebriDuckie by going to the CelebriDucks website. Click here.




Rubber Duckies Bring Luck to the New England Patriots

In my few years of collecting ducks, I have come to realize that rubber duck collectors come from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. Rubber ducks have come a long way, too. There are thousands of different styles and they aren’t just for the bathtub anymore. They have become collector’s items just like autographs, music, Star Wars memorabilia, pez dispensers, coins, snow globes, post cards, etc. etc. Some vintage rubber ducks are even worth a lot of money, but I digress about rubber duck collecting…….I find this collector’s story intriguing because it involves Super Bowl XLVI…..

Donald Thomas is a member of the New England Patriots and gearing up to make the trip to Indianapolis for Superbowl XLVI. It is said that his suitcase may have something in it that is a little unexpected for a 300-pound offensive lineman…..his rubber duck collection! In his locker at Gillette Stadium, Donald Thomas has around 50 rubber ducks. The collection started when one of his offensive line buddies started putting them there. They are usually just hanging out randomly on a shelf, but on  game day he gets the ducks lined up for good luck. And it’s worked like a charm because the Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl! Now, he’s thinking about taking the collection to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl! Duckshow hopes those lucky ducks fly out for the game! Go New England Ducks….I mean Patriots ;)

Photo by Getty Images

Quackers Collectables New Ducks

Quackers collectables is one of my favorite duck lines. Their ducks are quirky and unique. The quality of the ducks is superb, too. One of the ducks (Ducktannia) even has synthetic hair! Quackers definitely takes their duck designs to a whole ‘nother level! When I got wind that some new duck designs were coming out soon, I was excited and could hardly wait to show the new designs here on Duckshow:

These ducks are called “Nest and Lay the Chocolate Lovers Duck.” They are a must have for any chocolate lover. They can have all of the guilty pleasures of chocolatey goodness with none of the calories!

These guys are called “Corporal Cluck the Rubber Duck.” They even come with dog tags! Duck hunters beware these ducks!

These new ducks are coming soon! Stay tuned to Duckshow or visit the Opal London/Quackers Collectables page by clicking here to purchase these ducks once they become available.

New Lanco Ducks!

For those of you who are not rubber duck-sperts, there are a number of companies who specialize in making collectable rubber ducks. You may have heard of some of the more popular ones if you are a collector…for example….Celebriducks, Opal London Quackers Collectables, Bud Product, Rubba Ducks, Austroducks, B. Duck, Oriental Trading Company, and of course…..Lanco Ducks. Lanco rubber ducks are a product of a company known as Lanco Toys that specializes in all sorts of latex rubber toys. They hail from Barcelona, Spain but their toys are sold all over the world. Their rubber ducks are recognizable by their cute dough-eyed look and soft feel (because they are made of latex rubber instead of vinyl plastic like most rubber ducks today). Just see those cute dough eyes for yourself:

I have quite a collection of Lanco Ducks. I can’t help myself because I just find them so adorable! Here is my collection of Lanco Ducks (and growing):

And now Lanco Toys is releasing 6 new rubber duck designs in 2012. Just have a look at these new cuties for yourself:

They will be available on Duckshop (Duckshop ships worldwide. You can translate the website to English and purchase ducks easily….for those who don’t speak German ;) beginning in March……So stay tuned for that! Just Ducks also sells Lanco ducks. Just click on the link to see some of the other Lanco ducks.

The above picture and video courtesy of Lanco Toys.


Virgin Limited Edition

Virgin is a leading branded venture capital organization. Conceived in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Group has gone on to grow very successful businesses in sectors ranging from mobile phones to transportation, travel, financial services, media, music and fitness. What does this have to do with rubber ducks? Glad you asked! Virgin owns 6 exclusive retreats. And now, there are signature rubber ducks to collect from each of the six destinations. I was lucky enough to have a friend across the pond collect this one for me! Here is the collectable duckie from The Roof Gardens:

Such a swanky little guy! Here are a few from the other resorts:

The blue belongs to The Lodge in the Swiss Alps, the orange awaits at Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco, while the leopard-print is from Ulusaba Game Reserve in South Africa….These guys are an absolute treasure for collectors! If you find yourself at one of these Virgin locals, be sure to pick one up!

Hatched in the USA once again!

Once upon a time, the rubber duckie was made in America. Now they are all made overseas….mostly China! Rubber duckie was actually invented in Ohio! Well, Craig Wolfe from CelebriDucks is bringing the industry back to America where it all began.  It is not an easy process. “The amount of logistics in this project would blow anyone’s mind.  One day, I’ll have to really talk more about what it takes to make one duck as it still amazes me to this day!” says Craig. He’s got a team of painters, makers, molders, artists, sculptors etc. in the US already…..but there is so much more that goes into the process. It is exciting to think that after many, many years, rubber duckie will be coming home! And now….may I present to you….Sam! Sam will be the first American made duckie to be brought back to America after all these years! I think the name suits him perfectly!

Sam is estimated to be available for purchase by early next year! You can also read the full story of Sam here:

This is exciting news for rubber duck folks! It will be a must have for collectors of all ages!!

Celebrate the Holidays with CelebriDucks

Anyone who knows anything about rubber ducks knows about the CelebriDucks. CelebriDucks is the original creator of the first ever collectible celebrity rubber ducks of the greatest icons of film, music, athletics, and history. They have produced CelebriDucks for the NBA, Major League Baseball, the NHL, NASCAR, NCAA Collegiate Mascots, and also people such as KISS, James Brown, The Blues Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, Mr. T, Shakespeare, Barack Obama, and many others. The detail in the sculpting makes these ducks unique and owner Craig Wolfe has gone to great lengths to make sure these ducks float straight up (many ducks produced today tip over when you place them in water).  They also come in their own attractive gift box which makes them perfect for holiday gifts!

Get ready for this duck folks…CelebriDucks is bringing the duck manufacturing industry back to the USA! Believe it or not, rubber ducks were invented in the US of A! These days most rubber ducks are made in China. CelebriDucks has a factory in Ohio (where rubber ducks were first invented) and is planning a line of ‘Hatched in the USA’ ducks. Stay tuned for that!

You can see and buy CelebriDucks on their website by clicking here. There is also a new shipment of ducks coming in this week and are anticipated to be available for Christmas gifts by the end of the week. Here they are:

Pink Panther in it’s new amazing gift box! Great for anyone who collects ducks or Pink Panther! Tres Pink! Coming soon! Click here to see.

Sea World’s own celebrity Octopus “Otto the Octopus!” Also coming very soon! Click here to see. I love the expression on it’s face! Too adorable!

And, of course…..The Oregon Duck Mascot! Everyone who is a fan of the Oregon Ducks should own this one. Everyone! (And every duck collector too ;) Arriving to CelebriDucks very soon as well. Click here to see.

And here are a few more of my favorites available for purchase RIGHT NOW! Collect them all and rub-a-dub-dub with stars in your tub!

Transylvania would be proud! The resemblance to Frank-n-Furter is uncanny! A must have for Rocky Horror Picture Show Fans! Get it by clicking here.

It’s William Shakespeare! The Bird….or Bard of Avon! A must have for the dramatist! Bravo CelebriDucks, on this duck! Get this duck by clicking here.

It’s Herky from University of Iowa! In case you guys didn’t know, CelebriDucks is retiring most of it’s College mascots, so get this guy before it gets retired! I love the expression on this guy, too. This duck means business! Click here to buy.


Bud Duck releases a new line of ducks

Bud Product has done it again! Get ready because they have released a new line of ducks! Break out the disco ball because here they come! 70′s style! Can you dig it? You can get these groovy little ducks at Just Ducks or Duckshop. Check out the new designs for yourself here: