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Disneyland Duck Race

Recently in Anaheim at Disneyland’s “It’s A Small World” canal, nearly 500 rubber ducks were purchased for $5 to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. More that $1,700 was raised! What made this race special (besides it being at Disneyland) was that it was an employee funraiser….er fundraiser….where each employee got to design their own duck for the race.  The Fantasyland management team thought that it would be fun for the cast members and a great fundraiser.

On Wednesday morning, before Disneyland opened up for the day, the boats were taken from the attraction’s canal for the 15-minute race. The first-place finisher received a trophy with a rubber duck. There were also contests for other categories such as most creative, the duck that best resembled a Disney character, and best villain.

Everyone had a good time….even Disney employee, Kathy Egan, whose duck finished in last place……”He was just enjoying the sites and having a grand ol’ time around the world,” she said.

Rubber Duck Film & Arts Festival

The Rubber Duck Film and Arts Festival is not very far away! It is being held this year in Hichin at the Town Hall on June 30 & July 1 of this year. The festival is a collaborative platform for showcasing a selection of new and niche art forms. It was founded in 2011 and showcases performance poetry, short films (all genres), 3D films, performing arts, photography, conceptual art, graphic design, and art installations.

Why is it called Rubber Duck Film & Arts Fest? Here is their philosophy:

“Firstly, as the old saying goes “Never say no to a Rubber Duck”…..Secondly, to most people the rubber duck is, at least beneath the surface, more than a bath-time distraction which gets used briefly by children and is then relegated to an eternity of duck limbo in the loft. It is a symbol of child-like innocence, wonder and most importantly - Imagination.
The symbol of the rubber duck evokes memories of other imagined worlds dreamed of while soaking in a warm bubbly tub, it is this very basic and beautiful faculty of the mind - to dream and create - which is celebrated on a large scale by inviting artists from all walks of life and areas of media to showcase their work in one place over a weekend for a curious art-hungry audience to view and discuss.”
Duckshow is excited to report that our duck film, “My Diamond In the Rough,” is showing at the festival!
Hooray! There will be more updates as the date gets closer! For more info on the Rubber Duck Film & Arts Festival click here.
Red Hat Cowduck: “I’m more excited than a duck in a biscuit factory. Aren’t you?”
Gray Hat Cowduck: “Yup.”

World’s First Rubber Loon Race!

Rubber duck races are becoming more popular these days! I love rubber duck races for two reasons……1. The vision of hundreds of thousands of rubber ducks floating along in a river amuses me to no end…….2. All the proceeds from the races go to charities and organizations who really need it.

There are so many duck races going on that I can’t possibly keep up here on Duckshow! However, a race hosted by Adirondack Interpretive Center is especially exciting because it is making history on 2 separate accounts!  First of all, they are using rubber loons (custom designed and made by Celebriducks) instead of the traditional rubber duck! Loons (for those of you not familiar) are waterfowl cousins of the duck from northern regions. They have short tails, webbed feet, and a laugh-like cry. Why rubber loons instead if the tradition duck? Because, loons are prevalent and very popular in the Adirondacks! The loon race will be the highlight of a daylong event called ‘Logs and Loons’ that will include programs and educational sessions.

The second reason this is a historical rubber duck event is because it is the first ever race in American history with real ‘Made in America’ rubber ducks….or in this case…rubber loons!  You can read the complete story of the making of the custom designed loons by clicking here.  And (in case you missed it) you can read about how Celebriducks is bringing the production of rubber ducks back to America where they were first invented here.

On May 26, 2012, a flock of 500 floating rubber loons will be dropped into the Rich Lake Outlet and race to the finish line 400 yards away. The race is part of the AIC’s celebration of its first anniversary under the leadership of the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF). Any member of the public who wishes to participate may sponsor an individual loon. Sponsors of the top finishers will receive prizes that include gift certificates to regional restaurants and shops and four free rounds of golf at the High Peaks Golf Course. Proceeds from loon sponsorships will support educational programs at the AIC.

The race takes place at 3pm on Saturday, May 26. To sponsor a loon or even purchase a piece of rubber duck history click here for info on the AIC website or contact Program Manager Rebecca Oyer at Hurry up and get yours because they will go quickly! Just look at this cute little guy! How can you not sponsor him?!

Official 2012 Olympics Ducks

The summer Olympics in London this year are approaching fast! And now rubber duck collectors can have a piece of Olympic history! Behold the official Olympic rubber ducks for the summer Olympics!

London 2012 Swimming Duck.


London 2010 Cycling Duck.

London 2012 Boxing Duck.

These little guys are a must have for collectors! And you can get them right now at Just Ducks.

Bud Ducks 2012

Spring is definitely in the air! And…..Bud Product has designed some fresh new ducks for 2012! With their own catch phrases such as, “Ride a bike among the flower fields” and “Let love bloom” it’s hard not to catch spring fever from these ducks. Just see some of the new pretty designs for yourself!

I feel like tip toeing through the…..uh….duckies ;) These ducks will be available for sale by the usual suspects (as they always sell the latest and greatest in ducks)…Duckshop and Just Ducks. Stay tuned for more new designs from Bud Ducks.

Rubber Duck Chess Game

Check and mate….or is it…Duck and mate? Either way, the game of chess just got a little more duck-a-licious. The chess pieces are in the shapes of rubber ducks and the board has been decorated with duckies as well. Game of Duck Chess anyone? You can get your own Duck Chess Game here.

Gustav Klimt Rubber Duckie

Spring is just around the corner. And if you know anything about collecting ducks, then you know that springtime is “duck season.” Don’t worry, duckie friends….no ducks are harmed in the duck season that I am referring to here. It just so happens that Easter and summer themed  goodies start cropping up all over the place. Rubber ducks are popular toys for Easter and summertime. This is why duck collectors refer to spring as “duck season” or “duck hunting season.” It is prime time for finding rubber ducks at major retail chains.

Obviously, a duck collector will peruse the stores around their neighborhood and find many treasures this spring…..but there is also a very collectable duck made by Austroducks that is expected to be released this April. Austroducks makes ‘Austrian themed’ rubber ducks (such as their Mozart and Sigmund Freud ducks). The newest Austroduck creation is the Gustav Klimt duck. For those of you who do not know much about Austrian or art history, Gustav was an Austrian Symbolist painter whose famous works include “Adele Bloch-Bauer” and “The Kiss.” The city of Vienna, Austria will celebrate the 150th birthday of Gustav Klimt this summer with special exhibitions all over the city. And Austroducks has created this rubber duck to commemorate it! Behold Gustav Klimt Duckie!

You can see more Austroducks here. You can also buy Austroducks at Squeaky Ducks, and Duckshop.

Here comes Sam CelebriDuck!

In less than 2 weeks CelebriDucks is introducing “Sam Hatched in the USA” duck! As you may know, all rubber duck production has been outsourced to countries (like China, for example) to save money. Creator of CelebriDucks, Craig Wolfe, has worked very hard to bring rubber duck production back to the US where the rubber duck was originally invented. other  Sam is 100% made in the USA! The first of it’s kind in YEARS! That makes this little guy a ‘must have’ for all rubber duck collectors! You can pre order Sam CelebriDuckie by going to the CelebriDucks website. Click here.




Rubber Duckies Bring Luck to the New England Patriots

In my few years of collecting ducks, I have come to realize that rubber duck collectors come from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. Rubber ducks have come a long way, too. There are thousands of different styles and they aren’t just for the bathtub anymore. They have become collector’s items just like autographs, music, Star Wars memorabilia, pez dispensers, coins, snow globes, post cards, etc. etc. Some vintage rubber ducks are even worth a lot of money, but I digress about rubber duck collecting…….I find this collector’s story intriguing because it involves Super Bowl XLVI…..

Donald Thomas is a member of the New England Patriots and gearing up to make the trip to Indianapolis for Superbowl XLVI. It is said that his suitcase may have something in it that is a little unexpected for a 300-pound offensive lineman…..his rubber duck collection! In his locker at Gillette Stadium, Donald Thomas has around 50 rubber ducks. The collection started when one of his offensive line buddies started putting them there. They are usually just hanging out randomly on a shelf, but on  game day he gets the ducks lined up for good luck. And it’s worked like a charm because the Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl! Now, he’s thinking about taking the collection to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl! Duckshow hopes those lucky ducks fly out for the game! Go New England Ducks….I mean Patriots ;)

Photo by Getty Images

Quackers Collectables New Ducks

Quackers collectables is one of my favorite duck lines. Their ducks are quirky and unique. The quality of the ducks is superb, too. One of the ducks (Ducktannia) even has synthetic hair! Quackers definitely takes their duck designs to a whole ‘nother level! When I got wind that some new duck designs were coming out soon, I was excited and could hardly wait to show the new designs here on Duckshow:

These ducks are called “Nest and Lay the Chocolate Lovers Duck.” They are a must have for any chocolate lover. They can have all of the guilty pleasures of chocolatey goodness with none of the calories!

These guys are called “Corporal Cluck the Rubber Duck.” They even come with dog tags! Duck hunters beware these ducks!

These new ducks are coming soon! Stay tuned to Duckshow or visit the Opal London/Quackers Collectables page by clicking here to purchase these ducks once they become available.