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Giant Tire Rubber Duck

Tire rubber duck

A rubber duck made of tires?! It’s the work of Estonian artist Villu Jaanisoo and is located at the Retretti Art Center in Punkaharju, Finland. What a way to recycle!

Photo from: Human Under Construction.

Harley-Davidson Duck

Harley Davidson Duck

Behold! Celebriducks has done it again by creating a this new bad @ss duckie!  Through a collaboration with the Harley-Davidson Museum, Celebriducks produced this highly collectable Harley duck. He comes in a gorgeous gift box showcasing the Harley-Davidson graphics and the tag line, “Float to Live, Live to Float!” You can buy one by calling the museum directly at 414-287-2770 or writing to them at: This duck was both born in America and born to be wild!

Quack That Whip!

Devo Duck

Celebriducks has been busy since bringing the production of rubber ducks back to the USA. They seem unstoppable! And now-Celebriducks has designed this Devo Duck for the classic band DEVO! They plan to have him ready for the band’s fall tour in Australia. The duck also come in one of Celebriduck’s amazing collectable gift boxes as well! Devo Duck will definitely be the “Duck U Want” to add to your collection. See more Celebriducks here.

Austroducks Newest Creation!

Johann Strauss duck

This little golden nugget is the newest creation in Austroducks’ line of Austrian themed ducks. This little duck is no other than Austrian composer…..Johann Strauss! Known as “The Waltz King”, Strauss was largely responsible for the popularity of the waltz in Vienna during the 19th century. He composed over 500 waltzes, polkas, quadrilles and other types of dance music, as well as several operettas and a ballet in his lifetime. Leave it to Austroducks to make a duck of this renown Austrian composer!

The Austroducks line is growing rapidly with famous Austrian themed ducks….such as Mozart, Sigmund Freud, and Gustav Klimt among others. The ducks are carefully crafted and hand painted….making them a must have for duck collectors. The detail of the new Strauss duck is impeccable…and the hair and mustache add a perfect touch to the character of the duck. Bravo Austroducks!

To read more about Austroducks click here.

A Duck Show

Gallery ducks

Over in Columbus, OH a special exhibition is taking place. Seamus Liam O’Brien has created these pastel drawings of rubber ducks! Any duck collector who has a look at these drawings will know exactly which ducks have been drawn in these pieces. I recognize some of the ducks in the drawings from my rubber duck collection! It’s so fascinating to see them drawn in such a large scale!

Gallery Duckies

“The installation entitled “Happiness” was composed of multiple large scaled colored drawings of individual rubber ducks. The piece is a reflection of my memories of Walt Disney World… individuals finding enjoyment and pleasure by being completely enveloped within a colorful childlike environment,” says Seamus.

Gallery duckies

You can see all of the duck drawings in more detail (as well as other great drawings by the artist) on Seamus’ flickr stream by clicking here.

more gallery ducks

Now that’s something to squeak about!

Rubber Ducks in America

Just in case you missed it, Celebriducks has successfully brought the production of the rubber duck back to America. Remember Sam? Of course you do!

Well, in celebration of Sam, Celebriducks has made a special duck flick! This is a must see! Click on the video below! May the force be with you, duck lovers!

More Olympic 2012 Ducks

The Olympics are drawing near and what better way to commemorate it than with rubber ducks (of course ;) )! They are a must have for any rubber duck collector because they are limited edition exclusively made for the 2012 Olympics. See the new styles for yourself!

This duckie has a racket in one wing and a ball in the other. It also has London 2012 printed on it’s tail.



This is the Team Great Britain rowing duck. It also has the Olympic logo on it. This duck is so cool, it’s gotta wear shades ;)

This is the Team Great Britain “Gold Duck.” He is worth his weight in gold to any collector! It has gold splashed on it to represent the gold medals from the Olympics.

This final duckie proudly wears the colors of Great Britain to celebrate the London Summer Olympics…..another great collectable! To see and purchase the Official Olympics ducks click here for Just Ducks online. Go ducks!

New Bud Ducks

Bud has released 6 new Pop Art Ducks this summer! Don’t worry….you don’t have to squint to read the text in the top left corner because it says this:

“POW! Sensational colour! There’s no other way to describe the new Pop Art duck collection! With each individual duck a work of modern art in itself, become a part of Bud’s art society and add these to your collection! ZAP! Add some colour and culture to your day!”

I gotta get my hands on that “Comic Art” duck. I can’t wait to take it to NY Comic Con this year! Holy Comic Art Duck, Batman!

You can get your hands on these ducks by ordering them from Just Ducks online or Duckshop online.

AIC’s Loon Race is a Success!

AIC's Loon Race 1

The first annual Spring Loon Drive at the Adirondack Interpretive Center was a great success and Duckshow is excited to share the news and some photos from the event! You can see the spectators above watching with bated breath as their loons race down the waterway. Go loons, go! This loon race was historical as it was the first rubber duck/loon race where all the rubber loons were 100% American made-thanks to Celebriducks!

Rubber Loon Race

The first loon crossed the finish line in just over 40 minutes with the rest of the flock strung out behind. The front runners trickled in while others enjoyed a more leisurely float downstream, pausing to check out various eddies, sedges and shorelines. Our course officials (Jen, Sarah, Teagan, and Tina, a.k.a. The Loon Brigade) encouraged them back onto the course ;) In first place was Loon #57 sponsored by Richard Hai, with second and third places going to Lauinda Minke and Charles Smith. There were also some raffle winners drawn (Duckshow being one of them! Good job Loon #30! ;) for prizes during the post-race celebration.

Loon Race 2

The generosity of many businesses and individuals who donated time, energy, and prizes helped make the Loons & Logs event a success! Some of those groups and businesses are: Ali Baba’s Liquor and Wine , Newcomb Historical Society, WDs Country Store, Cloud Splitter Outfitters, Nina Schoch, Town of Newcomb, Lake Placid Pub & Brewery, Adirondack Park Institute (API), High Peaks Kitchen, Cyber Creek Cafe, Hoss’ Country Store, Northern Borne, Scoops Ice Cream & More, ESFs AEC: Stage Fund, ESFs NFI, Finch Paper, NCPR, and The Cellar.

Loon Race 3

The AIC has programming throughout the summer so stop by and see what the center has to offer! If you aren’t from around Newcomb, or would like to be more involved with the AIC, you can stay in touch with them on Facebook and Twitter where they regularly post updates on their programming and other events at the center.

Loons and Logs

Chips are flying (ESF Woodsmen’s Team above) at the Loons & Logs event!

Loon Race 4

The event was such a success that the AIC is looking forward to next year’s 2nd annual Loons & Logs event!

25,000 Rubber Ducks Invade Palms Place Pool!

This summer The Palms Hotel and Casino will host their infamous “duck party” staring evenings on June 7. Around 25,000 rubber ducks will fill the ultra-modern pool at the Palms and partygoers can “swim with the ducks” whilst enjoying cocktails and an eclectic mix of dance and hip-hop music spun by DJ Stephi K. Guests can slip into the pool and look for specially marked rubber ducks redeemable for fabulous prizes…..such as free rooms and complimentary drinks and dinners at the Palms. “Early Birds” can get enjoy a happy hour menu from 4-7 pm. Woot Woot Quack! For more info on the Duck Party at the Palms click here.