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New Ducks from Quackers!

Quackers Neon

Quackers collectables helps you get your ducks in a row with their new vibrantly colored duckies! Their facebook fans helped them choose the colors for these ducks. The people spoke and they wanted neon, so HERE they ARE! And-there will be a set of ducks in a bigger size coming soon as well.

The word around the duck pond is that Quackers Collectables (part of Opal London) has a few more ducks up their sleeves to release in the near future. This is duck-tastic news for duck collectors! See more Quackers ducks by clicking here.


Collecting Rubber Ducks and the Path to Mastery

Long before she became a professor, Charlotte Lee became a Guinness World Record holder for World’s Largest Rubber Duck Collection….somewhere in the 5-6 thousand range….just see a portion of it for yourself:

Charlotte collection

Charlotte Lee is a “reasonably successful” Assistant Professor at the University of Washington and is considered to be an expert in her field. However, in order to become an expert she first had to learn how to become an expert at all. While she learned a lot from her professors about how to BE an expert, her real education in terms of how to BECOME an expert was through collecting rubber duckies. Here, Charlotte talks about different elements of mastery as they play out in duck collecting but that can be applied to any area of expertise:

Those are great words of wisdom from the master of duck collecting, indeed! Bravo, Charlotte!


Racing Ducks in Retirement

duck race

Have you ever wondered where all the ducks go after the race? The Oswegatchie Educational Center in New York recently retired some of their racing ducks…..4,300 of them to be exact…to make room for their new flock of 10,000 ducks. The Oswegatchie Educational Center in Croghan, New York is nestled on 1200 acres of wooded land within the Adirondack Park. Oswegatchie is owned and operated by the New York FFA Leadership Training Foundation, Inc. The center operates as a youth camp during the summer months and is open throughout the year as an educational and recreational retreat center.

What’s so special about Oswegatchie’s retired ducks? Glad you asked ;) For $4 (plus $3 shipping), you can become an adoptive parent for one of these ducks. Each duck comes with an adoption certificate. To sweeten the deal, you can send them photos to be placed in a gallery on their website. 445 of the retired ducks have already been adopted. Here are some of the pics of where some of those little guys have been…








Chicago!….And many more! You can see more pictures and get more info on how to adopt these retired racers here.

In addition to the retired racers, they are selling special made FFA logo ducks…..made by the One and only CelebriDucks! See for yourself:

FFA Duck

These ducks are a limited collector’s edition so they won’t be around for very long! You can get more info about this duck by clicking here.





Hurricane Sandy Coverage in Duckland

Hurricane Sandy

Stormy Waddlemeyer: “Hello, this is Stormy Waddlemeyer here reporting on Hurricane Sandy in Duckland, New York. It was the storm of the century! Panic shopping was at an all time high two days ago. The bread was all gone….not even a hot dog bun was to be found! Evacuations were taking place everywhere! Some duckies didn’t heed the warning and as a result went floating out to sea! Power was out everywhere! It will be days or maybe weeks before power comes back on! Just see for yourself:

Hurricane sandy power outage

“It sure is dark in here.”

Hurricane Sandy duck

Stormy Waddlemeyer: “It’s like a ghost town here….no Halloween pun intended. Not one squeak or duck waddling down the street. We are hoping that looting will not be an issue. The duckie popo is working diligently to get everything waddling according to schedule again. This is Stormy Waddlemeyer reporting from Duckland, NYC.”



SLS South Beach Hotel is Duck-tacular!

sls hotel south beach duck

At SLS South Beach Hotel in Miami, a 9 foot 6 inch tall, 750 pound giant duck awaits hotel guests as they go for a swim at the pool. The former Ritz Plaza hotel was transformed into a Philippe Starck, scene-stealing hotspot. Philippe Starck himself is responsible for the hotel design (which includes the duck statue). While South Beach will be just the second SLS hotel after Beverly Hills, one in New York is slated to open in 2013, and a Las Vegas property is set to follow in 2014. I sure hope they include giant rubber ducks in their future hotels!

sls hotel south beach duck 2

Rubber duckie you’re the one! You make……pool time…lots of fun. Rubber duckie, I’m awfully fond of you!

Can I help you enjoy that Snickers bar?

“Happy peanuts soar over chocolate covered mountaintops and waterfalls of caramel. Prancing nougat in a meadow sings a song of satisfaction to the worrrrrld!….the world.”

duck snickers

Duckshow is proud to be featured on the Snickers website! Can you find the picture on the Snickers website from Duckshow? Of course you can. Turns out-rubber ducks “go quack for snickers.” The Snickers picture was  inspired by this commercial that came out a while back….

After seeing this commercial, a quacky idea was born…..then a photo was inspired and created using rubber ducks (of course).  And a few years later, the photo was spotted by the folks at Snickers and put on their website. I guess the folks at Snickers like rubber ducks as much as rubber ducks like Snickers ;)

New from Austroducks!


Coming soon! Here’s a sneak peek at the newest ducks coming to the Austroduck’s line of rubber ducks! Austroducks is renowned for it’s Austrian themed rubber ducks. Get ready to add these new gems to your collections, duck collectors!

Captain Ameriduck!

Captain America duck

The city is forever on the edge between chaos and order. It yearns for a hero. It needs someone to shine a light into the darkness, even when it may seem the darkest of all. It needs a superhero who flaps in the night because crime never sleeps. And that superhero is Captain Ameriduck…fighting felonious fowls for all duck kind!

subway duck

When Captain Ameriduck throws his mighty shield,
All those who choose to oppose his shield must yield!
If he’s led to a fight and a duel is due,
Then the red and the white and the blue will come through,
When Captain Ameriduck throws his mighty shield!

Captain Ameriduck

Captain Ameriduck: “Hmmmmm. Gotham City is quiet here lately. I wonder where all those fowl feathered fiends are hiding??? Oh, I know! They are headed to NYC Comic Con! I must get there before they do! To the Con!!!!”

Countdown to Comic Con NYC!

New York Comic Con is the East Coast’s biggest and most exciting popular culture convention. The show floor plays host to the latest and greatest in comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. Panels and autograph sessions give fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators. Screening rooms feature sneak peeks at films and television shows months before they hit either big or small screens. New York Comic Con is also a market place, bringing together the major players in the entertainment industry. New York Comic Con is the second largest pop culture convention in America and the only one that takes place in the comic book, publishing, media, and licensing capital of the world — Gotham City. In the spirit of Comic Con NYC (coming to town Oct. 11-14), Duckshow will feature it’s own quacky crusaders and fowl feathered fiends. Enjoy!

Comic Con 2012

Quacky Crusaders: “To Comic Con!”

Duck For President!

The Oregon Duck came to New York City recently and took to the streets to garner votes for his presidential campaign. This was his video:

Strangely enough (after viewing this video), I noticed my Oregon CelebriDuck missing from my own rubber duck collection one day only to reappear the next. I thought it was a little strange….but I dismissed it. After all, it was back safe and sound. No harm, no “fowl.” Then I stumbled upon these pictures……Seems my Oregon Duck was out doing a little campaigning for the Oregon Duck!

Duck for President

Duck for Pres.

Bread crumbs for all

America needs a leader who isn’t afraid of not wearing pants! Visit for more information.