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9th Annual Duckfest is Ducktastic!!!!

duck room

Duckshow just got back from Vegas! Viva Las Vegas! But this trip to Vegas was to be part of the 9th annual Duckfest (a few hours drive from Vegas) in Hesperia, California! Why Hesperia, you ask?! Because the most amazing of duck collections was there and what better place to celebrate rubber ducks!! The owner of this jaw dropping duck room built shelves from floor to ceiling on all four walls….and the ceilings were high!!!

duck room 2

Just seeing the pictures does not do this room justice. Seeing it up close and personal was mind blowing! The collection has ducks from all around the world….some of them very rare!

duck room 3

Here is one last picture with a ladder and human so you can see just how massive this room was! Holy Quack!

duck boxes

We had THOUSANDS of ducks to give away! It was impossible to hand them out individually so we put them in large boxes. Those are the large boxes stacked! When they were opened, it was like “Duck Christmas” for everyone! Each box had ducks of every kind in them!


After opening the duck boxes, we played games to give out all the remaining duck boxes and fabulous gifts! One of the games was “Ducko” AKA duck bingo.

duck decorating

Then there was a duck decorating contest…..”Duckoration.” Here are some of the ducks that were entered.

duck cakes

And we had duck cakes and a duck cake! There were even duck shaped chocolates in the spread of snacks and food. It was a duck-a-licious feast!


“Duck Dan” and I handed out some of the duck cakes.


Here is another scene from Duckfest…..calling numbers and waiting for someone to yell out “Ducko!” and collect their fabulous prize.


Here are a few more pics of the festivities taken by Guinness Book World Record holder for the largest duck collection…Charlotte Lee.

suitcase ducks

And finally….here are the 2 suitcases of ducks I acquired at Duckfest…..I can only imagine what the TSA must have thought ;) Pictures taken by Mike Quest and Jon Miller. You can see them all here and here.


Duckfest 2013!

duckfest 2013

In case you don’t already know! The only rubber duck fan convention that exists on the planet is happening in a mere few days! Don’t be left out of the fun! The annual event is free and open to all rubber duck hobbyists whether you collect, photograph, or make rubber duck art! There will be lots of fun duck themed games with fabulous prizes and tons of giveaways! You can also meet some fellow enthusiasts and talk about rubber ducks for hours!

Duckfest was created several years ago by Guiness Book World Record holder (for the largest rubber ducks collection) and founder of Lee. This year we are out in the California desert (Hesperia, California- not far from Los Angeles). So if you would like to attend or even have questions regarding the event, email or RSVP at

Loony Race is a Success!

Loon Race 1

The second annual Loon Drive at the Adirondack Interpretive Center was a great success! Despite the rainy weather all participants and staff had a great time. Loons are prevalent in the Adirondacks so….instead of having a traditional duck race (with classic yellow rubber ducks) to raise funds….the AIC had special rubber loons made by CelebriDucks to make their fund raiser unique!

With a high tide and fast moving water the first loon crossed the finish line in under 20 minutes, decimating last year’s record of just over 40 minutes. The first flock of loons floated through the gates with speed and agility, while others paced themselves and took frequent stops in the eddies and sedges along the shoreline. The Loon Brigade (composed of volunteering ESF students) herded stragglers out of eddies and through the rapids of Sucker Brook to ensure the safe arrival of all loons to the finish line.

Loon 2

Lucky Loon #6 is the winner! Congrats to Carl and Carol Turner!

winning Loon

Special thanks to all those who contributed to this unique duck race! See you next year! For more info on the Adirondack Interpretive Center click here.


Giant Rubber Duck deflates in Hong Kong!


The world touring giant rubber duck (currently  in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour) has been causing quite a stir since it was installed two weeks ago by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman in the skyscraper-ringed port. Chinese factories say sales of rubber ducks have soared, nearby hotels are advertising rooms that have great “duck views,” and yellow cakes shaped like ducks have been selling like, well, hotcakes. Hong Kong is the latest port of call for the duck. It’s previously taken up temporary residence in cities all over the world, including Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paolo and Amsterdam.


But the city’s beloved installation deflated overnight on Tuesday to something that looked more like a deflated beach ball! Rumors were ‘flying’ about why it happened….did the duck have the ‘avian flu?’ Harbour City, which helped organize the exhibition, tweeted at the public to stay tuned, explaining that the duck was just sleeping.


sleepy duck

Get some rest, duckie! And don’t forget to drop by the states soon! To see pictures of the duck’s tour around the world so far click here.

Loon Race Less Than a Week Away!

Loon race

A batch of loons arrived this week at the Adirondack Interpretive Center, ready to race next weekend! The one-of-a-kind rubber loons (special made by CelebriDucks) are headed back to the Rich Lake outlet. The race is May 25th, along with a full day of other events too. Sponsor and/or purchase your loon now, and keep an eye on their website for Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the one and only rubber loon race!
Loon CelebriDuck

Pet Ducks on National Geographic Wild

Victor and Ming Mei are two pampered pet ducks living in Chicago. People think their owners Nettie and Alex are quackers. (For the record, Duckshow thinks their owners are just ducky) ;) The ducks are set to appear on National Geographic Wild’s “Spoiled Rotten Pets” next Saturday. Please enjoy this clip of a couple of pet Indian Runner ducks living the life of leisure that airs next week. And yes, they do enjoy walks on the beach. Just see for yourself:

New from Austroducks!

King Ludwig Duck

Behold the newest creation by Austroducks! Introducing the newest member of the Austroducks family…….King Ludwig duck! Coming soon this July!



Sponsor a Loon in the 2nd Annual Rubber Loon Race!

rubber loon

It’s that time of year again! The Adirondack Interpretive Center is gearing up for their annual rubber loon race to be held on Saturday May 25, 2013! This year marks the 2nd year they are using rubber loons (custom designed and made by CelebriDucks) instead of traditional rubber ducks! Loons (for those of you not familiar) are waterfowl cousins of the duck from northern regions. They have short tails, webbed feet, and a laugh-like cry. Why rubber loons instead if the tradition duck? Because, loons are prevalent and very popular in the Adirondacks!

AIC loons

Last year, a flock of floating rubber loons splashed into water on May 26, 2012 for a race along the Rich Lake Outlet, part of the AIC’s celebration of its first anniversary under the leadership of the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF). The loon race was the centerpiece of a day dedicated to programming about Adirondack loons and logging, celebrating the inaugural year of ESF’s programing at the AIC, and simultaneously raising funds to support programming throughout 2012.

loon race

Any member of the public who wishes to participate may sponsor an individual loon. Proceeds from loon sponsorships will support educational programs at the AIC. And, sponsors of the top finishers in the race will receive fabulous prizes! If you are interested in sponsoring a loon in this year’s race held on Saturday May 25, 2013, please stay in touch with the AIC on their homepage, Facebook and Twitter. You can also call them at 518.582.2000 or email them at

Sample Loon Certificate

And click here to visit their page to see video of the race! There are a lot of duck races out there, but this is a one of a kind event! Now go sponsor a loon!

Welcome to Astoria!

Before you watch Duckshow’s latest short stop motion rubber duck creation, I should explain how this film came to be. As you may know, Duckshow enters a local film fest in Queens, New York called the Three Cubed Film Festival. This film festival is unique because the creative guidelines are not entirely up to the film makers. There is always a “twist” at this film festival. Let me explain….

When I arrived to enter the festival, I was given 2 pieces of paper. I had to write down 2 names for possible film titles. Everyone who entered the film fest had to do the same. Then all the pieces of paper were folded and put into a bucket. Each participant then had to draw one piece of paper out of the bucket and that was to be the name of our film. So (as you may have guessed) “Welcome to Astoria” was what I had drawn from the bucket. Astoria is the part of Queens where I live and where the film festival takes place. Astoria is just across the river from Manhattan and is populated mostly by Greeks and young aspiring film folks.

Not only did we have to draw film titles, but we also had to draw a film genre and a prop to be used in our films. My genre drawn was “religious satire” and my prop drawn was a “genie lamp.” This was probably the most challenging film I’ve had to create because I had to come up with something using all those things and make it using rubber ducks (of course). And did I mention we only had 3 weeks to create the short film?

You will see a lot of South Park inspired stuff in this film, so prepare yourself! How could I do a religious satire and NOT channel South Park. ;) Duckshow also adores British comedy…and you will see a little Benny Hill inspired scene in the film. There are also some scenes at popular Astoria hotspots….such as the Bohemian Beer Garden and a scene under the Hell Gate Bridge. And there is a reference about the funny fact that there are 2 CVS drug stores in Astoria….one right across the street from the other.

SO there you are…..the meaning behind the madness that is Duckshow’s next pro-duck-tion called “Welcome to Astoria.” Now enjoy the show!






Announcing Duckfest 2013!

Duckfest 2013

Duckfest is an annual event open to all rubber duck hobbyists whether you collect, photograph, or make rubber duck art! There will be lots of fun duck themed games with fabulous prizes and tons of giveaways! You can also meet some fellow enthusiasts and talk about rubber ducks for hours!

This year we are out in the California desert (Hesperia, California- not far from Los Angeles). So if you would like to attend or even have questions regarding the event, email or RSVP at Special thanks to Duckplanet for making this event possible every year!