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It’s Raining Ducks, Hallelujah!

Clearly, I need to get myself one of those cars!

More Comical Adventures

Here are some more Duck-taskic pictures from Comic Con NYC 2010:

Myself with Superman and Wonder Woman holding matching ducks.

Abracadabra! How did she make that duck appear?

Batduck on a mission with Batman!

Storm Trooper and Darth Vader duck. You don’t know the power of the dark side!

Transformer and duck! Some costumes looked heavy. How did they do it?


There were so many more creative costumes at Comic Con. I couldn’t catch them all….hey-it’s hard trying to catch lightning speed super heros in high heel yellow vinyl boots! But I must say it was the best time I have had in quite a while and can’t wait until next year’s Comic Con! Now, I’m off to read my new Darkwing Duck comic books!

Like Superhero and cosplaying ducks? You can find them here at Only Ducks.

Comic Con 2010….Duck Style

What a load of fun to be had at Comic Con! Many attendees dressed up as Superheros (including myself as Super Duck..a little creation of my own) and not one of them declined a picture with one of my rubber ducks! Even James Silvani who is the illustrator for Darkwing Duck posed with one of the ducks! And now….some duck-a-licious pictures from Comic Con 2010:

Me getting struck by lightning! Bang!

James Silvani.

Wolverine and duck.

Wonder Woman and duck.

Captain America!

Clark Kent and Superduck.

One of the creators of Captain America -Joe Simon-poses with the Captain America duck.

That’s all for now! More duck-a-licious Comic Con pictures to come soon! Stay tuned…same Bat channel….same Bat time!

Only a few more days till Comic Con NYC

New York Comic Con is the East Coast’s biggest and most exciting popular culture convention. The show floor plays host to the latest and greatest in comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television.  New York Comic Con is the second largest pop culture convention in America and the only one that takes place in the comic book, publishing, media, and licensing capital of the world — Gotham City. New York Comic Con attracted over 77,000 attendees in 2009!  Find out how you can get your tickets and times for this weekend (and any other info about the con) here.

Lion wants a rubber duckie

A strange and funny sighting at the Oregon zoo.  Seems this lion needs a companion for his bathtime!

This video was taken by the duck’s owner Jon Miller. You can see more pictures of the Giant Rubber Ducky’s adventure here. Jon also has other imaginative pictures of Just Ducky (the Giant Duck)  here.  I especially enjoyed the “Peep Show.”


More duck sightings in Belgium! My friend Winston who also spotted the chocolate ducks (in the previous post) came upon this fun carnival duck game in Belgium as well. Looks like I know where I’ll be spending next year’s vacation ;)   Here is the game a little closer up:

Photos by Winston Li.

Chocolate Ducks

A chocolate duck sighting in Bruges, Belgium. Gives new meaning to Belgium chocolate! My friend Winston Li came upon these delectable duckies whilst in Belgium and took this picture.

Dun Na Na Na Batman!

NYC Comic Con is only a month away! And in celebration of Comic Con more Superhero ducks will be making appearances on Duckshow. Today’s Superhero is Batduck aka the Duck Knight. Stay tuned for his adventures coming soon on Dun Na Na Na Duckshow!

Would you like to get a Batduck of your own? Well, you can get one! Just click here:  Only Ducks and you will find a quack-nificient store that sells Batduck and all other fun superhero and famous characters!

Bud Ducks in Times Square

I was on my way to work when I saw some dancing rubber ducks…..not really, but Bud Product has come out with these new styles and this cute little video featuring them.  I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Woot! Woot!

Mystery of the ‘Lost Duck’ Continues, Mystery of the ‘Found Duck’ explained

Perhaps some day I will find out the mystery behind all those ‘Lost Duck’ signs that were hung around NYC. But let me explain the quackiness behind those ‘Found Duck’ signs…. Most people who know me know I collect rubber ducks. Most everyone collects something…movies, shoes, coins, jewelry, records, comic books, etc. It started as a funny, goofy idea for bathroom decoration. Now my friends and family bring them back from their vacations and and give them to me. I also recieve them for holidays and birthdays….or for whatever other reason that comes into play (and I always get a kick out of it).  Anyway, I also love photography…so the two collided to create

Funny enough, around the time my friends spotted the ‘Lost Duck’ signs, it just so happened that I had taken a day off from work for a vacation day. Some ideas began to pop into my duckishly (I believe I just invented a new word) overactive mind for plans on my day off.

First I thought of doing a ransom sign for the lost duck. But what would the ransom price be?…..ten gallons of bubble bath? Then I thought of a story involving Inspector Quack…

Other ideas came to mind, but I ended up with the Zorro Duck story because the Zorro Duck stories are popular on my flickr photo stream.

I was overjoyed to find the article on the Village Voice Blog about my ‘Found Duck’ signs. I am happy that Zorro Duck and Samuel L. Quackson…or was that Samuel L. Duckson ;) in the “Hold My Duck” section were able to get them to laugh. Here’s one more for them:

Everyone has a rubber duck or has owned one at some time. There are so many different varieties and colors of rubber ducks. You can get an idea of that by checking out Just Ducks online rubber duck store. They are a cultural icon. I’ve just taken ducks to a new level and given them character and humor. For me, Duckshow is a creative outlet and gives me practice with photography….and I must say I get a kick out of making up all this quacky stuff.