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Think Blue Maine Duck Ads

“If stormwater pollution were rubber duckies, it wouldn’t matter what went down our storm drains.” That’s the catch phrase Think Blue Maine uses to raise awareness about stormwater pollution. If stormwater pollution WERE indeed rubber ducks, I would be a storm chaser! Ha! Have a look for yourself at these duckishy catchy ads for Think Blue Maine:

I can’t help but laugh at the evil quacks of the devil ducks. Here is another ad:

Explorer Duck in the UK

Westminster Abbey

In case you have just tuned into Duckshow, a rubber duck (by the name of Explorer Duck) is part of a duck chain……meaning it is being mailed to different rubber duck collectors all over the world to be photographed in their city. Explorer Duck has already seen many cities in the US. I even hosted he duck here in NYC. I have been tracking her adventures here on Duckshow and it seems she has recently made her way waddling in the UK….as you can see from the picture above….Is that Westminster Abbey?! Yes, it is!

Ducky wishes she could have gone to the Royal Wedding.

She has also made her way to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the River Thames, the British Museum, Trafalgar Square, the American Embassy, and the Royal Wedding…well…she wishes she could go to the wedding….who says she can’t squeak in?

Meeting new friends in Brighton

What would a trip to the UK be without seeing Brighton Beach? Brighton Beach is one of England’s most popular beaches because of all the restaurants, attractions, pubs and clubs that are concentrated right on the beachfront. Explorer duck meets some of the Brighton Beach locals as seen above. I’ll bet they tell her where she can get some good “bubble and squeak.”


Where will she go next? Stay tuned to find out! For more pictures of her London and Brighton Beach adventures click here. Photos taken by Jennifer.

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center’s Rubber Duck Exhibit

I thought since I was on the topic of art and ducks, it would be a perfect time to spread the word about a gallery show that includes-what else-but rubber ducks! My friend Lucy Sceery will exhibit her duck-a-licious artwork at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center. She combines her artistic talent with her rubber duck fancy to create artwork for the exhibit.

She uses her ducks as a metaphor for humanity, for each person’s individuality. For Sitting Duck, she designed and built more than 100 little Adirondack chairs, painting each to go with the duck that would occupy it. She arranges ducks and chairs to suit the architecture of each museum or gallery where they appear.

Lucy also has some pressed duck artworks in the show as seen below. Don’t worry fellow duck fans. No rubber ducks were harmed in the making of this piece. Rubber ducks have a way of “bouncing” back…as they are rubber ;)

The exhibit runs from April 9-July 3, 2011 at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center in Brattleboro, Vermont. For more info on this exhibit visit

The World Museum in Liverpool has gone to the ducks!

Is that a sea of ducks I see? Why yes, it is! What’s the occasion? I’m so glad you asked!

40,000 of these little blue ducks are on display throughout the Liverpool World Museum in anticipation of the annual Claire House Children’s Hospice sponsored Duck Race in association with Radio City’s Cash for Kids.  Museum visitors are encouraged to sponsor a duck for £2. The sponsored ducks will race on 9 July 2011 in the Leeds Liverpool Canal at the Pier Head. If you are going to be in the Liverpool area and would like more info on the Claire House Duck Race click here.

Here are some ducks in the entry of the museum. What’s next? Quackson Pollock? Salvador Duckie? Leonardo Duck Vinci ? Sounds good to me…but then again…I’m biased ;)


I’m not sure what anyone is saying. All I know is that there is some insurance for sale here and the couple is speaking Korean with Japanese translations. Well-whatever the case-I hope she said “yes!”

New Paparazzi Bud Ducks

Bud Product is a major player in the world of the rubber duck. They are very popular amongst duck collectors. They have put out so many creative designs that I have lost count. Here is a video of some of last year’s ducks:

This year they have really outdone themselves with a collection of ducks they have named “Paparazzi.” Here is one of my favorites:

Queen: “God save us all!”

I was ecstatic to get my hands on all of them! I immediately went to work on a photograph of these new beauties. Here is my latest creation:

The Paparazzi Ducks include the four on the red carpet, and also the Security and Press duck in the front. Bravo Bud Product! Bravo!

See the Bud Product website here:

Pool Party

I love this O2 commercial. Those rubber ducks know how to party! Woot!

Ducks Crossing With Excitement

If I came across this sign, I’d be temped to take it.  But I wouldn’t.  Not because it’s against the law (I like to live on the edge ;) ), but because I wouldn’t want to be responsible for ducks getting hit by cars.  The third duck from the left looks so excited. It must be thinking TGIF!

It’s Raining Ducks, Hallelujah!

Clearly, I need to get myself one of those cars!

More Comical Adventures

Here are some more Duck-taskic pictures from Comic Con NYC 2010:

Myself with Superman and Wonder Woman holding matching ducks.

Abracadabra! How did she make that duck appear?

Batduck on a mission with Batman!

Storm Trooper and Darth Vader duck. You don’t know the power of the dark side!

Transformer and duck! Some costumes looked heavy. How did they do it?


There were so many more creative costumes at Comic Con. I couldn’t catch them all….hey-it’s hard trying to catch lightning speed super heros in high heel yellow vinyl boots! But I must say it was the best time I have had in quite a while and can’t wait until next year’s Comic Con! Now, I’m off to read my new Darkwing Duck comic books!

Like Superhero and cosplaying ducks? You can find them here at Only Ducks.