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Celebrate the Holidays with CelebriDucks

Anyone who knows anything about rubber ducks knows about the CelebriDucks. CelebriDucks is the original creator of the first ever collectible celebrity rubber ducks of the greatest icons of film, music, athletics, and history. They have produced CelebriDucks for the NBA, Major League Baseball, the NHL, NASCAR, NCAA Collegiate Mascots, and also people such as KISS, James Brown, The Blues Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, Mr. T, Shakespeare, Barack Obama, and many others. The detail in the sculpting makes these ducks unique and owner Craig Wolfe has gone to great lengths to make sure these ducks float straight up (many ducks produced today tip over when you place them in water).  They also come in their own attractive gift box which makes them perfect for holiday gifts!

Get ready for this duck folks…CelebriDucks is bringing the duck manufacturing industry back to the USA! Believe it or not, rubber ducks were invented in the US of A! These days most rubber ducks are made in China. CelebriDucks has a factory in Ohio (where rubber ducks were first invented) and is planning a line of ‘Hatched in the USA’ ducks. Stay tuned for that!

You can see and buy CelebriDucks on their website by clicking here. There is also a new shipment of ducks coming in this week and are anticipated to be available for Christmas gifts by the end of the week. Here they are:

Pink Panther in it’s new amazing gift box! Great for anyone who collects ducks or Pink Panther! Tres Pink! Coming soon! Click here to see.

Sea World’s own celebrity Octopus “Otto the Octopus!” Also coming very soon! Click here to see. I love the expression on it’s face! Too adorable!

And, of course…..The Oregon Duck Mascot! Everyone who is a fan of the Oregon Ducks should own this one. Everyone! (And every duck collector too ;) Arriving to CelebriDucks very soon as well. Click here to see.

And here are a few more of my favorites available for purchase RIGHT NOW! Collect them all and rub-a-dub-dub with stars in your tub!

Transylvania would be proud! The resemblance to Frank-n-Furter is uncanny! A must have for Rocky Horror Picture Show Fans! Get it by clicking here.

It’s William Shakespeare! The Bird….or Bard of Avon! A must have for the dramatist! Bravo CelebriDucks, on this duck! Get this duck by clicking here.

It’s Herky from University of Iowa! In case you guys didn’t know, CelebriDucks is retiring most of it’s College mascots, so get this guy before it gets retired! I love the expression on this guy, too. This duck means business! Click here to buy.


Bud Duck releases a new line of ducks

Bud Product has done it again! Get ready because they have released a new line of ducks! Break out the disco ball because here they come! 70′s style! Can you dig it? You can get these groovy little ducks at Just Ducks or Duckshop. Check out the new designs for yourself here:

Countdown to Comic Con

New York Comic Con is the East Coast’s biggest and most exciting popular culture convention and attracted over 96,000 attendees last year! It hosts the latest and greatest in comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. Panels and autograph sessions give fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators. I was in attendance last year and met Joe Simon (co creator of Captain America) and James Silvani (illustrator of Darkwing Duck)…..and they even posed with a couple of rubber ducks for Duckshow! And now, this year I am going back for more fun! What adventures will arise this time? Who will I get to hold my ducks for Duckshow pictures? Will there be any ‘fowl’ play? Stay tuned to find out!!

Ducks: “Superhero Ducks Unite!”

Riddler: “…and Super Villainous Fowls!”

Comic Con New York is held at the Javits Center in NYC. You can read more about the convention and and purchase tickets here. Comic Con is still two weeks away, but Duckshow has decided to celebrate it by devoting the next two weeks to Comic Con themed posts! Prepare yourself!

Cartman: “Sweeeeeeet!”

Hurricane Irene Coverage in Duckland..

Stormy Waddlemeyer: “Hello, this is Stormy Waddlemeyer here reporting on Hurricane Irene from Nags Head, North Carolina. As you can see it is very dangerous out here. It is a large and powerful event. Evacuations are taking place everywhere. We are telling people to stay inside, but the guy behind me is not heeding the warning. Today is not the day to be working on your tan, stupid.”

Stormy Waddlemeyer: “Now just look at the insanity and panic of the folks in Duckland. It appears there is a mad dash for food and beverages.”

“Excuse me miss, how is the panic shopping coming along?”

Debbie Duck: “Well, there appears to be a shortage of water now so I’m just buying up everything I can get my wings on.”

Stormy Waddlemeyer: “Stay tuned for more updates on Hurricane Irene. This is Stormy Waddlemeyer reporting. Back to you at the studio……..”

Carle RX Express Pharmacy Duck Collection

One day at the Carle RX Express in the Carle Foundation Hospital (in Urbana, Illinois) someone left a little rubber duck behind. That little rubber duck kept a little kid preoccupied when his parents came to pick up prescriptions. So when the duck disappeared one day, a Carle Rx Express technician (named Dee Ann Hart) bought another duck to replace it. But she didn’t stop at just one duck….and pretty soon the customers who came to the pharmacy brought in ducks to add to the RX Express flock. Then some of the other technicians brought in rubber ducks to add to the pharmacy’s collection as well. And soon enough over 200 rubber ducks were perched at the counter….all different styles and sizes! In fact, the kids loved the ducks so much that the pharmacy went out and purchased some small ones to give away to kids who seemed sick or upset. Now, that’s my kinda pharmacy!

Recently, the Carle Rx Express pharmacy at Carle Foundation Hospital closed and moved into Walgreens. What happened to the ducks, you ask? They didn’t go far. They were donated to the pediatrics floor of the hospital for sick children and their families to enjoy. “I’m just amazed at how many people have asked where they are going,” Dee Ann Hart said. “People have said, ‘I just love those ducks.’”

More Scenes From Times Square

Shutterduck: “Wow! So many sights, so little time!

This duck is one of the ducks created for a program called “Ducks For Change.” Ducks for Change is Hilton Hotels’ fundraising initiative to support disadvantaged young people through the sale of novelty ducks in participating hotels in the UK. You can find out more about them if you go to their facebook page. Click here.

The Ab-Duck-tion of Gale Ducky

Imagine this…a family puts a large rubber duck in their yard when a pond forms after a heavy rainfall. Then….the duck disappears. Then….the family gets a postcard from “Kuwait City” from…..the duck! Does that sound bizarre? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Alicia Troiano (the owner of the duck)! And it just gets quackier from there. The duck, who calls herself “Gale Ducky,” wrote about her travels on the postcard since she left “the pond.” She’d been to Honduras, Amsterdam, and Kuwait so far. The duck even started a facebook page documenting her travels! Troiano was in shock!

Troiano has no idea who could have stolen the duck. They have no acquaintances who were planning trips to Kuwait, Amsterdam or Honduras, so Troiano suspects that it was a friend of a friend who snatched “Gale” out of her seasonal pond.

“I love the Pacific Ocean and Amapala Island was great, there was even a Volcano,” says Gale Ducky via facebook.

“I’m curious to see where else it ends up — I’m definitely looking forward to see new pictures,” said Troiano. Looks like this duck is having a pretty good time traveling the globe! You go, Gale Ducky! To see Gale Ducky’s facebook page click here.

Water Dream Invades Atlanta

Another sighting of a massive flock of rubber ducks! They are taking over the world one city at a time! Not really. But over in Atlanta at the Museum of Design , an exhibit called “Water Dream, the Art of Bathroom Design” opened on June 26.  To kick off the exhibit FIVE HUNDRED rubber ducks invaded the corner of Peachtree and 14th Street and it was said to have stopped people in their tracks! The rubber ducks were publicity for the show. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it!

The ducks were free to those who wanted them….with one stipulation…..MODA requested that people take pictures of their rubber ducks in their bathrooms and post them to facebook. You can see the ducks in their bathrooms if you go to their page. Just click here. One couple even took their duck to the Cayman Islands!

Now that is one lucky ducky!! Water Dream is currently open to the public from Tuesdays through Sundays until September 17. Click here for more information.

Austroducks does it again!

Presenting….. Sigmund Freud! In case you didn’t know, Austroducks is the first rubber duck producers of Austrian themed rubber ducks! And since Sigmund Freud hails from Austria, it was only a matter of time before Austroducks created a rubber duckie of his likeness. This is the fourth in their line, which include Mozart, Franz Josef, and Sisi. You can see those (and purchase them) on the Austroducks website. Just click here. Sigmund Duck will be moving his practice from Austria to bathtubs all over the world in the winter of 2011/12. I can hardly wait!

Pas De Duck

Opal London ducks have been all the rage in rubber duck news as of lately. Not only have they released the new “Ducktannia” Deluxe Duck, but they have another new duck coming out soon. Just see this cute little guy for yourself….presenting “Bob the Billduck:”

And if that weren’t enough, you can see Opal London’s ducks in all their grace and whimsy below in their performance of “Duck Lake”……

Get your own Opal Ducks here!