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The Duck Stops Here!

Duckshow was super excited to attend Rockwall’s Rubber Duck Regatta this year! SO much fun was had! Here are some of the highlights of the day long rubber duck event to raise money for charity.

First up, the duck pageant! There were a so many creative ducks decorated for the contest. The winner was this Quack Sparrow design made by local business “Shenanigans.”

Quack Sparrow

The People’s Choice (and my personal favorite) Award went to this Texas State Fair creation using the big duck as Big Tex made by the Rockwall Police Dept. Records Section. Howdy folks!

State Fair of Texas Duck

You can see most all of the ducks in the duck pageant on Duckshow’s facebook page.

The daytime duck derby was a ton of fun too! Here’s a few pics from that:

Rockwall Duck Race

duck race

duck race 2

For the grand finale, a nighttime glow in the dark race was held! This was a duck race like no other! It was pitch dark outside and you could see the twinkling ducks race to the finish line. Here are a few photos of it:

glow duck race

glow in dark ducks

Glow rubber duck race

The Rockwall Regatta was a super duper duckie good time! All for a good cause. And here is some of the swag that came from the “quack shack.” Can’t wait to “rock” these sweet duck shirts!

duck swag

You can see more on this event by going to the Rockwall Rubber Duck Regatta facebook page. And all of the Duckshow photos and video from the event is being posted all week long on the Duckshow facebook page so check it out!




Rockwall Rubber Duck Regatta!

The Rockwall Rubber Duck Regatta is a fun and unique fundraising event for two great organizations, Boys and Girls Club of Rockwall County and Meals on Wheels of Rockwall County. The Rockwall Rubber Duck Regatta is a free, fun, family-friendly event guaranteed to be a quackin’ good time! This year will be bigger and better than ever featuring a Corporate Duck Beauty Pageant & Race, Baby Rubber Duck Race, Arts, Crafts, More Vendors, Food, Kids Zone, Live Concert with fan favorite Texas Country singer/songwriter Cory Morrow, Beer Garden, and a Glow in the Dark Rubber Duck race. Find out more about it here!

Rockwall Regatta 2017

Monopoly Introduces Three New Game Pieces

monopoly duck

Say goodbye to the boot, thimble, and wheelbarrow game pieces! A T-Rex, rubber ducky and penguin will join the five classic tokens Scottie the dog, hat, car, cat and battleship. This change came by way of an online vote held by Hasbro in January at Monopoly fans were asked to select their favorite eight tokens from 64 possible options. A total of 56 were entirely new, while the other eight were the classics. 4.3 millions votes later, the rubber duck was introduced to the new group of game pieces!

While we can’t say why these exact tokens were chosen or who exactly chose them, we know they represent the voices of our fans — young and old — from around the world,” said Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of marketing for Hasbro Gaming.

In any case, hopefully the new lucky ducky will ‘duck’ out of jail and not have to spend to much time waddling around Baltic Avenue. Pass go and collect $200 rubber duck!

Giant duck on the loose!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a duck!? A giant, inflatable duck blew through the streets of Glasgow, Scotland. Luckily, no one was hurt.

New York Comic Con 2015

Here we go! Another year at New York’s annual Comic Con! It’s great to see more rubber ducks making appearances at the con. This year B Duck USA set up a booth. They even had a large size duck there!

B Duck New York Comic Con

And  of course, every year Duckshow gets some of the interesting characters at Comic Con to pose with a duck! Here are a few of the shots!

Comic Con R2D2

It’s C-3PO and R2-D2! Even in another galaxy there are rubber ducks ;)

Waldo Comic Con

Found him!! With a duck!

Harley Quinn duck

Look! The duck matches this new school Harley Quinn!

Beauty and the Beast Comic Con

Beauty and the Beast and the duck!

New York Comic Con characters

This was some sort of Anime character complete with soundtrack! She had one of the more elaborate costumes at Comic Con and was cool enough to pose with the duck! Comic Con never fails to be out of this world! See you all again next year!

New Costume Ducks From CelebriDucks!

CelebriDucks Costume Quackers

New from CelebriDucks! These ‘Costume Quackers’ come with cute names such as, “The Duckinator, Breaking Bath, The Floating Dead, and Duck the Magic Dragon.” You can see them in their cute gift boxes on the CelebriDucks website. They will be available to purchase the first week of October!

May The Bath Be With You!

Behold! Another new design by CelebriDucks set to be released this spring! Duckshow out of this world thinks it is!

Star Wars CelebriDuck


More From Comic Con 2014

Here’s a little more of the quackiness from Comic Con 2014:

Spider duck

Spidey meets Spidey!

Zap Duck

A red head gets “zapped” by a rubber duck!

Lady America

Lady America gets “zapped” by a duck too!

Duck is served

Spider duck is served.

Queen of Hearts duck

And, of course….I couldn’t let the ducks have all the fun…. so I dressed up as the Queen of Hearts…. here with my Poker Duck. See you again next year, Comic Con!

Comic Con 2014!

Wowee! Duckshow had a quack-tabulous time at Comic Con this year! Many of Comic Con’s greatest characters posed with rubber ducks! Just see for yourself:

Alice in Wonderland zombie

Alice in Wonderland turned Zombie! ANd she’s holding a Mad Hatter duck….I hope she does not bite off his head! Ahhhhhhh!

Flame con

This guy is on fire! Tsssssss! With Zap duck!

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter meets Mad Hatter Duck!

Evil Jester

Batduck meets an Evil Jester. Mwah ha haaa!

B Duck Comic Con NYC

And Last but not least……B Duck was at Comic Con! His quack could be heard from across Javitz Center! Stay tuned for more pics from Comic Con 2014….coming soon!

B. Duck photo by Winston Li.


More From The Giant Duck

duck LA

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s six-story-tall bathtub toy proved very popular in Los Angeles— thousands were drawn to the waterfront to see it! It was so popular that it stayed an extra week (until Sept. 6). It was in the Los Angeles harbor making a special guest appearance at the Tall Ships Festival. Wonder where it will migrate next? Stay tuned!