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Why Won’t You Hold My Duck?

It all started many years ago as a joke (as most things do). I started asking interesting people to pose with a duck to see if people would do it. As it turns out, most people don’t mind. They usually just laugh and strike a pose with the duck. Eventually Duckshow persuaded the likes of such people such as The Naked Cowboy in Times Square, Carrot Top, and even Samuel L. Jackson to pose with a duck. Although some took a little more persuading than others, all were good sports. And then……

At NYC Comic Con, I stepped up to take a photo with some Super Heros. I asked them all to hold a duck. For some reason I just thought they would play along and we’d have a funny group ‘hold my duck’ shot. But holy cow, Batman… I was wrong! They told me they couldn’t hold any “product”…..or “produck” in this case ;) So I had to hold ALL the ducks in my hands! And here’s the “produck” of what happened. I stuck my tongue out in the photo (and so did my doppelganger apparently). Hold my duck? Fail!

duck haters

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