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A Bar, Two Quacks, and a Heart…

two quacks and a heart

It was the night before Valentine’s Day, and all hearts in Ducktown were filled with love, cholesterol, or chocolate…..except for one lonely duck who was sitting at the bar for a nightcap, when suddenly a bright colored dressed duck decides to keep her company.

“Hello, is this seat taken?”…oh let’s say…Ben Beaknik. It is now that the glamorous duck answered, “What is your name?” “My name is Ben but you can call me B.,” the oddly duck said. Slowly turning her head while drinking a sip of her wine, she responds, “My name is Roxy. Roxy Mallard.”

The nervous Ben didn’t know what to say….”So, are you drinking wine?” And with a simple quack she said, “yup.” The silly Ben calls the bartender, “Give me a whiskey on the rocks and are you still serving the pate?” Roxy shakes her head and smirks, when Ben starts quacking, “Just kidding. Nice dress. Did you come from a party?” Roxy simply responding, “yup,” and quickly asks for the check.

Ben desperately not knowing what to do, he takes his whiskey, asks for another and drinks that in one quack. Suddenly Ben notices something about this lady….her quack-ccent. As Roxy is about to get up he quickly asks, “Are you from Duck-xas?” She stops and looks at him, “How did you know?!” He replies, “I am from Duck-xas as well and I noticed your quack-ccent.”

She sits down and apologizes, “I am sorry for being so rude, I just came here for a drink, and I don’t normally talk to strange ducks that try to pick me up.” “Oh, I am sorry, I was just looking to talk to someone, and I saw you alone. Sorry for the intrusion. I will leave you alone,” Ben says as he gets up ready to leave. Roxy then stops him and calls the bartender and asks for two more drinks. They both talked and talked….and then talked until it was midnight.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he says as he takes out a rose from his pocket. Blushing, Roxy takes the rose. A moment of silence passes. “What are you doing tomorrow?” he asks. Looking confused with a frown Roxy tells Ben, “I am sorry. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. I am not interested.” Then Ben, with a smile, pulls out two more roses and gives them to her and asks, “What are you doing next week?” Now more confused than before, she smiles and tells him, “You are funny, but like I said, I am not interested.” Covering his mouth and thinking, and thinking, decides to pull out three more roses and gives them to her. Roxy says, “You are persistent and adorable and probably a bit drunk, trust me, you don’t want to be with me.”

Last  moment of silence passes, when Roxy gazes into his eyes and asks, “What? You’re going to pull out more roses?” Ben looking at her smiles and says, “I ran out of roses.” So what are you going to gi….” Ben swoops in and kisses her like he never kissed anyone before and gently quacks to her and asks, “What are you doing for the rest of your life?” Catching her breath Roxy responds, “How about we start off by having dinner tomorrow?” The two quacks nod as they glance into each others eyes, in this bar, where they both found a heart.

-written by Bruno Nunez

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