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More from Comic Con 2013!

There were quite a few pics from Comic Con! One post could not do it “justice.” So here they are… More characters with ducks from Comic Con:

Teddy Bear duck

Awwww-dorable times two! A teddy bear and a rubber duckie!

Comic Con 8

This guy may very well stare a hole right through Robin Duck!

Dead Guy COmic Con

Hitch a ride with a dead guy? Why not?

Ghost Busters

Who ya gonna call?

Comic COn 9

Pucker up, duck! You may be getting a smooch from the guy on the left ;)

Kid RObot Comic Con

Even Kid Robot was in attendance! And they brought this giant Dunny! He’s so chalked up that the duck is hardly recognizable!

Comic Con 10

My! What big claw you have!

Well, that about wraps it up all the quacktastic adventures at this year’s Comic Con! Until next year! Up, up and away!



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