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9th Annual Duckfest is Ducktastic!!!!

duck room

Duckshow just got back from Vegas! Viva Las Vegas! But this trip to Vegas was to be part of the 9th annual Duckfest (a few hours drive from Vegas) in Hesperia, California! Why Hesperia, you ask?! Because the most amazing of duck collections was there and what better place to celebrate rubber ducks!! The owner of this jaw dropping duck room built shelves from floor to ceiling on all four walls….and the ceilings were high!!!

duck room 2

Just seeing the pictures does not do this room justice. Seeing it up close and personal was mind blowing! The collection has ducks from all around the world….some of them very rare!

duck room 3

Here is one last picture with a ladder and human so you can see just how massive this room was! Holy Quack!

duck boxes

We had THOUSANDS of ducks to give away! It was impossible to hand them out individually so we put them in large boxes. Those are the large boxes stacked! When they were opened, it was like “Duck Christmas” for everyone! Each box had ducks of every kind in them!


After opening the duck boxes, we played games to give out all the remaining duck boxes and fabulous gifts! One of the games was “Ducko” AKA duck bingo.

duck decorating

Then there was a duck decorating contest…..”Duckoration.” Here are some of the ducks that were entered.

duck cakes

And we had duck cakes and a duck cake! There were even duck shaped chocolates in the spread of snacks and food. It was a duck-a-licious feast!


“Duck Dan” and I handed out some of the duck cakes.


Here is another scene from Duckfest…..calling numbers and waiting for someone to yell out “Ducko!” and collect their fabulous prize.


Here are a few more pics of the festivities taken by Guinness Book World Record holder for the largest duck collection…Charlotte Lee.

suitcase ducks

And finally….here are the 2 suitcases of ducks I acquired at Duckfest…..I can only imagine what the TSA must have thought ;) Pictures taken by Mike Quest and Jon Miller. You can see them all here and here.


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