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Welcome to Astoria!

Before you watch Duckshow’s latest short stop motion rubber duck creation, I should explain how this film came to be. As you may know, Duckshow enters a local film fest in Queens, New York called the Three Cubed Film Festival. This film festival is unique because the creative guidelines are not entirely up to the film makers. There is always a “twist” at this film festival. Let me explain….

When I arrived to enter the festival, I was given 2 pieces of paper. I had to write down 2 names for possible film titles. Everyone who entered the film fest had to do the same. Then all the pieces of paper were folded and put into a bucket. Each participant then had to draw one piece of paper out of the bucket and that was to be the name of our film. So (as you may have guessed) “Welcome to Astoria” was what I had drawn from the bucket. Astoria is the part of Queens where I live and where the film festival takes place. Astoria is just across the river from Manhattan and is populated mostly by Greeks and young aspiring film folks.

Not only did we have to draw film titles, but we also had to draw a film genre and a prop to be used in our films. My genre drawn was “religious satire” and my prop drawn was a “genie lamp.” This was probably the most challenging film I’ve had to create because I had to come up with something using all those things and make it using rubber ducks (of course). And did I mention we only had 3 weeks to create the short film?

You will see a lot of South Park inspired stuff in this film, so prepare yourself! How could I do a religious satire and NOT channel South Park. ;) Duckshow also adores British comedy…and you will see a little Benny Hill inspired scene in the film. There are also some scenes at popular Astoria hotspots….such as the Bohemian Beer Garden and a scene under the Hell Gate Bridge. And there is a reference about the funny fact that there are 2 CVS drug stores in Astoria….one right across the street from the other.

SO there you are…..the meaning behind the madness that is Duckshow’s next pro-duck-tion called “Welcome to Astoria.” Now enjoy the show!






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2 Responses to Welcome to Astoria!
  1. Shelly S
    April 15, 2013 | 1:06 PM


  2. Joe
    April 17, 2013 | 12:10 AM

    Doodell ?Did I hear that right……. Funny stuff…ITs said that literary work that you can learn from is a blessing to all mankind.
    And today I learned "He who steals can no hide"
    All kidding asiide Good Job!!

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