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Batduck and Robin in “Poker Face.”

Deep in the bowels of Gotham City the Riddler schemes to take down Batduck and take over the city…

Riddler: I’ll just leave this riddle here for Batduck….then I’ll make my way to the Video Music Awards and wait for him. Heehee haha heehee!

poker face 1

…and off he goes-the Riddler is up to something very “fowl.”

Riddler: Ahaha hee hee!

poker face 2

As Batduck and Robin fly through the air to protect the city they spy the large card below.

Batduck: Look, Robin! It appears to be a riddle on a card….looks like the Riddler has been around here.

Robin: What does it say?

Batduck: It says, “How do you wake up Duckie Gaga?”

Robin: Well that’s easy, Batduck…..”Poker” face.

Batduck: Looks like the Riddler is after Duckie Gaga…and it’s on an 8 card which means he’s going to be at the VMA’s at 8pm….to poke Duckie Gaga in the face! We better get down there!

poker face 3

meanwhile at the VMA’s…

Duckie Gaga: Hello, little monsters! I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time!

Riddler: Ahaha hee hee!

poker face 4

Batduck: Ah ha! Riddler! We meet again!

Riddler: Riddle me this, Batduck…What did the Batduck forget to do when the Riddler went to smack him?

Duckie Gaga: Duck!

Riddler: That is correct, Duckie Gaga!

Duckie Gaga: No, Duck, Batduck!

poker face 5

PoW! BaM! QwAcK! SmAcK!

Batduck saves the day and the Duckie Gaga! And the Riddler goes waddling off as fast as he can…..for now that is…

poker face 6

Duckie Gaga: Thank you, Batduck. I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me, papa, paparazzi!

Batduck: I’m kinda thirsty. Can you spare me a soda?

And Batduck saves the day….for now…what will the Riddler have planned next for Batman? Find out in the next episode…….

poker face 7

~The End~

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