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More Olympic 2012 Ducks

The Olympics are drawing near and what better way to commemorate it than with rubber ducks (of course ;) )! They are a must have for any rubber duck collector because they are limited edition exclusively made for the 2012 Olympics. See the new styles for yourself!

This duckie has a racket in one wing and a ball in the other. It also has London 2012 printed on it’s tail.



This is the Team Great Britain rowing duck. It also has the Olympic logo on it. This duck is so cool, it’s gotta wear shades ;)

This is the Team Great Britain “Gold Duck.” He is worth his weight in gold to any collector! It has gold splashed on it to represent the gold medals from the Olympics.

This final duckie proudly wears the colors of Great Britain to celebrate the London Summer Olympics…..another great collectable! To see and purchase the Official Olympics ducks click here for Just Ducks online. Go ducks!

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