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Rubber Duck Film & Arts Festival

The Rubber Duck Film and Arts Festival is not very far away! It is being held this year in Hichin at the Town Hall on June 30 & July 1 of this year. The festival is a collaborative platform for showcasing a selection of new and niche art forms. It was founded in 2011 and showcases performance poetry, short films (all genres), 3D films, performing arts, photography, conceptual art, graphic design, and art installations.

Why is it called Rubber Duck Film & Arts Fest? Here is their philosophy:

“Firstly, as the old saying goes “Never say no to a Rubber Duck”…..Secondly, to most people the rubber duck is, at least beneath the surface, more than a bath-time distraction which gets used briefly by children and is then relegated to an eternity of duck limbo in the loft. It is a symbol of child-like innocence, wonder and most importantly - Imagination.
The symbol of the rubber duck evokes memories of other imagined worlds dreamed of while soaking in a warm bubbly tub, it is this very basic and beautiful faculty of the mind - to dream and create - which is celebrated on a large scale by inviting artists from all walks of life and areas of media to showcase their work in one place over a weekend for a curious art-hungry audience to view and discuss.”
Duckshow is excited to report that our duck film, “My Diamond In the Rough,” is showing at the festival!
Hooray! There will be more updates as the date gets closer! For more info on the Rubber Duck Film & Arts Festival click here.
Red Hat Cowduck: “I’m more excited than a duck in a biscuit factory. Aren’t you?”
Gray Hat Cowduck: “Yup.”
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2 Responses to Rubber Duck Film & Arts Festival
  1. Josef
    May 31, 2012 | 8:58 AM

    Are you going? I AM also more excited than a duck in a biscuit factory!

  2. massivek
    May 31, 2012 | 7:55 PM

    Josef! Yay! Biscuit factory! Haha! I really, REALLY wish I could attend. Unfortunately my work schedule (the one that pays my bills ;) and my finances won't allow me to escape across the pond to attend :( I bet it will be an amazing fest, though!

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