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Gifts all the way from Vegas from Just Ducky!!

A couple of days ago, it was my birthday. I was planning to go to Vegas and go crazy….meet up with Just Ducky and perhaps even get a rubber duck tattoo whilst getting showgirls and Elvises to hold my ducks….but flights were so expensive this year that I couldn’t make it. Next year….next year ;) Anyway, Just Ducky had a birthday gift for me and sent it on it’s way to NYC and today I received it! What duck-a-licious surprise could be inside?! Let’s find out!

Ducks: “Oh look! A package from Just Ducky! What’s in the box! What’s in the box! Let’s find out!”

A rumble was heard from inside the sugar container…..”Let me outta hyah! Let me outta hyah!”

Vegas Baby (the little duck for those who aren’t familiar): “Hey, give me a hand… wing….and let’s pry this thing open!”

Sugar Baby (that’s the name I’ve given the new duck): “Whew! What a long flight. It’s nice to finally be able to stretch out ma wings!”

Thank you so much for the gifts, Just Ducky! I love the Sugar Factory and the duck! Next year the duck and I can come out next year and visit! Woohoo!


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