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Rubber Duckies Bring Luck to the New England Patriots

In my few years of collecting ducks, I have come to realize that rubber duck collectors come from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. Rubber ducks have come a long way, too. There are thousands of different styles and they aren’t just for the bathtub anymore. They have become collector’s items just like autographs, music, Star Wars memorabilia, pez dispensers, coins, snow globes, post cards, etc. etc. Some vintage rubber ducks are even worth a lot of money, but I digress about rubber duck collecting…….I find this collector’s story intriguing because it involves Super Bowl XLVI…..

Donald Thomas is a member of the New England Patriots and gearing up to make the trip to Indianapolis for Superbowl XLVI. It is said that his suitcase may have something in it that is a little unexpected for a 300-pound offensive lineman…..his rubber duck collection! In his locker at Gillette Stadium, Donald Thomas has around 50 rubber ducks. The collection started when one of his offensive line buddies started putting them there. They are usually just hanging out randomly on a shelf, but on  game day he gets the ducks lined up for good luck. And it’s worked like a charm because the Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl! Now, he’s thinking about taking the collection to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl! Duckshow hopes those lucky ducks fly out for the game! Go New England Ducks….I mean Patriots ;)

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One Response to Rubber Duckies Bring Luck to the New England Patriots
  1. joe
    January 29, 2012 | 7:10 AM

    Those lucky Ducks!!

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