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Quackers Collectables New Ducks

Quackers collectables is one of my favorite duck lines. Their ducks are quirky and unique. The quality of the ducks is superb, too. One of the ducks (Ducktannia) even has synthetic hair! Quackers definitely takes their duck designs to a whole ‘nother level! When I got wind that some new duck designs were coming out soon, I was excited and could hardly wait to show the new designs here on Duckshow:

These ducks are called “Nest and Lay the Chocolate Lovers Duck.” They are a must have for any chocolate lover. They can have all of the guilty pleasures of chocolatey goodness with none of the calories!

These guys are called “Corporal Cluck the Rubber Duck.” They even come with dog tags! Duck hunters beware these ducks!

These new ducks are coming soon! Stay tuned to Duckshow or visit the Opal London/Quackers Collectables page by clicking here to purchase these ducks once they become available.

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