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Zorro Duck in “The Case of the Bird Flu Pandemic”

Dr. Canardo: “Ah ha ha haaaaa! I have concocted a special brew of bird flu for you, Quacker Jack!”

QuackerJack: “With this I shall wipe out the flock and take over Duckhattan!”

Quacker Jack: “Bird flu for everyone! Ha ha ha ha haaaa!”

Ducks: “Ahhhhhhhh!”

Quacker Jack: “Ah, this should be fun. Hello there, Sweetbeaks. Want some bird fluuuuuuuuu?”

Daisy Duck: “Help me! Somebody help me!”

Zorro Duck: Did I hear someone say “Help me, somebody help me?”

Zorro Duck: “Mess with the girl and you
will be a roast duck!”

Quacker Jack: “Is this some kind of….joke?”

Zorro Duck: “No, and I have a special brew of bird flu antibiotics to prove it!”

Quacker Jack: “Ahhhh ha ha ha ha haaa!”

Zorro Duck: “Not so fast, Quacker Jack!”

Quacker Jack: “Uh oh.”

Officer Bird Brady: “I’ll take it from here, Zorro Duck.”

Zorro Duck: “Take the bird flu antibiotics for the flock, too.”

Quacker Jack: “Until next time, Zorro Duck. Ha ha ha ha haaaa!”

Daisy Duck: “Oh, Zorro Duck, you are my hero!”

Zorro Duck: “All in a day’s work, Daisy Duck.”


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