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The Ducks Hit The Boardwalk

After all that late night gambling, the ducks decided to go for a little stroll on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Here are a few highlights from their adventures….

Jersey Duck #1: “Wow! What a nice day for a stroll on the birdwalk!”

Jersey Duck #2: “Don’t you mean….boardwalk?”

Jersey Duck #1: “Potato Potah-to.”

HiYa: “If those brassy birds try to eat my food I will serve them hot wing special….HiYa style! No one messes with the master’s food!”

Cheese Duck: “Candy apples and cotton candy! I love boardwalk treats! This puts a smile on my beak!”

Roman Duck: “Would you like-a some of my-a spaghetti-a?”

Pisa Duck: “Sure, let-a me just-a set down-a this Tower of Pisa.”

Stay tuned for even more Atlantic City adventures!

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