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A Duck Walks into a bar called Ducktown Tavern

Ducktown Tavern! Need I say more?! A fine little establishment with an old Sands Casino Sign hanging on the wall inside. They also have their own Ducktown firetruck that is availabe for rent (I know what I’m doing when I win the lottery ;) ) Someday I want to actually hang out there with the Ducktown locals……but for now, let’s check out the rubber ducks’ Ducktown Tavern adventures. It’s not the first time the ducks have been to Ducktown Tavern. As a matter of fact, they visit every time they are in Atlantic City. After all, what’s not to love about a duck themed tavern?

Cheese Duck: “It’s been too long, Ducktown Tavern! We meet again! I hope it’s Mexican night! I could really use the “Mexican Fiesta Meal” right now! Arrrriba! Ah no, I forgot my sombrero!”

HiYa Duck: “Drinking beer doesn’t make one fat, it makes one lean…..against bars, chairs, tables, and poles.”

James Pond: “I’d like a martini….shaken, not stirred.”

Wild Bill: “They take kindly to ducks. That’s mighty nice.”

James Pond: “Follow the arrow.”

Cowduck: “Don’t mind if I do.”

Paparazzi Duck: “I hope that Ducktown fellow is inside! That’s a money shot!”

And with that the ducks walked into a bar……..

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