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A Couple of “Anatra di Gommas” at San Genarro…

For those who don’t know,the Feast of San Genarro is an Italian festival held in the Little Italy neighborhood of NYC to celebrate San Genarro as the Patron Saint of Naples. It was started by immigrant families in 1926. San Genarro is now an 11 day street fair held in September and draws crowds of people every year. This year a couple of Italian ducks….Luigi and Guiseppe….decide to waddle on down to Little Italy to participate in this feast.

Luigi: “Wow! It is a-so crowded out here in a-Little Italy! I’m a-holding this spaghetti, but I need to eat a-something besides a-spaghetti today. Let’s see what I can a-find.”

Luigi: “Oh, look! It is a-Vinny’s Nut House! And they have a-cotton candy, too. But I think I would like to a-find myself a calzone before I have a-some dessert.”

Guiseppe: “It is a-so crowded here in a-Little Italy. I have a-lost my friend Luigi. Luigi, where are you?”

Luigi (in the distance): “I am a-getting myself a Calzone!”

Guiseppe: “Well, good. Let’s see a-what else there is to feast on here at a-San Gennaro.”

Guiseppe: “Pickles. A-tasty and a-fresh. I wonder if they go great with a-my Chianti? A-probably not.”

Guiseppe: “Ciao! You look like a man who a-knows his Chianti. Do you a-know where I can get a-something to go with a-my Chianti?”

Chef: “Yes. Go one block and you will a-find yourself some magnifico Italian sausage to a-go with your Chianti.”

Guiseppe: “Now that is one a-long and a-spicy sausage! Mangia Mangia! I’ll take two!”

Luigi: “Now it is a-time to get myself a souvenir. Guiseppe, where are you?”

Guiseppe (in the distance):” I’m eating my a-spicy a-sausage!”

Luigi: “Looks like I’m a-going to need a-one of those little Italian a-footballs. We are going to need it after all of this a-feasting!”

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