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Ducktannia Takes Manhattan

In case you haven’t been following Duckshow religiously, I recently added a duck from Opal London-Quackers Collectables to my own collection. I went “quackers” when I first saw the duck (called Ducktannia) because it is so unique. I immediately bought one for my collection. Today I decided to take Ducktannia out for a few photo ops around NYC. I think she quite enjoyed herself. Just see for yourself:

Ducktannia in Rockefeller Center.

Ducktannia: “Or as I like to call it…..Duck-efeller Center.”

Radio City Music Hall.

Ducktannia: “Perhaps they will give me my own show when they hear my whimsical squeak!”

What’s a day in NYC without an obligatory fountain shot?

Ducktannia: “I’m not going for a swim today, darling. I just had my curly coif styled.”

You can get a Ducktannia for your collection, too! Just click here.

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2 Responses to Ducktannia Takes Manhattan
  1. John Poole
    July 28, 2011 | 12:52 AM

    Fantastic..glad to see she has made it safely across the pond to the Big Apple.

    FYI before leaving she made made a guest appearance as the Mother Duck in Quackers Dance Companys latest production of DUCK LAKE currently running in Covent Garden.

    I'd be most interested to know what you and your friends think of her performance……

  2. Colleen
    August 7, 2011 | 3:29 PM

    I already put that video on Duckshow! I just love it! I love the set. It really does look like a duck pond! Those stop motion videos take a long time to put together. It is so nicely done!! I have 8 of the Quackers ducks in my duck collection. Love them…especially Ducktannia, Sue Ducku, and Tarty Ann.

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