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The Grand Tub

It’s summer! SO here’s a little story to kick it off:

There was talk around Duckland of a “grand tub” down the street that was open for the summer. So, six ducks left Duckland in search of the this grand tub, thus began their journey.

They waddled and waddled….

Scuba Duck: “Are we there yet?”

Peking: “Almost.”

…until they got to the grand tub.

Scuba Duck: “Are we there yet?”

Peking: “Only a few quacks away.”

When they got to the grand tub they noticed there were a lot of rules.

Peking: “So many ducking rules at this grand tub.”

After reading all the rules, the ducks took a moment to gaze in awe of the grand tub that awaited them.

Ducks: “At last! The grand tub!

Peking: “Let’s all jump into the grand tub on the count of three. One….two….”

Peking: “THREE!”

And they all jumped in…..floating around in the grand tub…..except for Scuba Duck….who clearly needed a little more practice ;)

Peking: “You okay, Scuba Duck?”

Scuba Duck: “Yeah, I’ve had enough of the grand tub. Now can we go journey to find the ‘melodic ice cream wagon’?”

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