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‘Vegas Baby’ Returns to Vegas

Just in case you don’t follow Duckshow too often, I should explain a rubber duck character named “Vegas Baby.” Here is the basic story behind this duck…A few years ago hundreds of these small ducks with red neckties were mailed to people on every corner of the globe. Recipients of the ducks were to photograph their duck in their location in a unique and interesting way. Then the photos were to be posted on a flickr (a photo sharing site) group called “The Duck Project.” The goal of this project was to get a duck to someone in every city of every country on the globe.

I was one of the participants in this project. When I got the duck (I was living in Las Vegas at the time) I gave this duck (who was labeled duck #490) a name. Being that it was a very small duck representing Vegas, I named her “Vegas Baby.” I took photos of the duck all over Vegas when I lived there.  And now, every time I go back to visit, I take this little duck for some Vegas adventures….

Vegas Baby: “This is no mirage! I am in Vegas once again! Smelling the sweet desert air! Ahhhh, quack!”

Vegas Baby: “The Vegas strip! Let’s get this party started..rubber duckie style! Woot Woot, quack!”

Vegas Baby: “$3 Coors light cans! Sweet! But first I need to hit up the buffet!”

Little Caesar: “Hey Vegas Baby!”

Vegas Baby: “Hey! Do you suppose you I could get a gondola ride to casino. I just filled up at the buffet and I’m feeling a little too heavy to float down there.”

Little Caesar: “Sure. Just let me finish eating this spaghetti.”

Vegas Baby: *singing* “Luck be a lady tonight!”

You might be wondering…what happened to the “Duck Project?” It sort of fizzled out….but some of Vegas Baby’s brothers and sisters are still out there. I actually met up with another one of the participants from France. You can read more about that here.  And to see even more of Vegas Baby’s adventures click here.

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