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In the Flamingo Garden

Birds of a feather flock together…even in Vegas. Here are some adventures of the ducks in the Flamingo garden in Vegas…..

Paparazzi Duck scopes out his next photo subjects. The Flamingos are known to bite, so Pap Duck has to be very elusive and quick to photograph these fanciful fowls.

Duckie Love: “There must be something wrong with my eyes, because I can’t take them off those Flamingos.”

HiYa Duck: “Look at the legs on that one!”

HiYa Duck spies a Black Neck Swan below.

HiYa Duck: “I must go down there and meet this beautiful bird.”

HiYa: “Hello swan. I see you peeking and yet you are not a Peking.”

The swan gives HiYa Duck a kiss.

HiYa: *blushes* “I am smitten!”

Stay tuned for even more duck adventures in Vegas!

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