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Explorer Duck Visits Holland!

In case you have just tuned in to Duckshow, a rubber duck (that was fittingly named Explorer Duck) has been traveling the globe leaving her duckprints everywhere. Duck collectors from every end of the earth have been hosting her in their cities. She has already been to some fabulous cities (including here-in NYC).  I must say…I envy her, the lucky duck ;) I have been tracking her travels here on Duckshow and documenting her global adventures! When last we left Explorer Duck, she was making her way around London. Recently she traveled to the Netherlands! I never knew a rubber duck could look so great in wooden shoes!

And here is Explorer Duck tiptoeing through the Dutch tulips! She is almost camouflaged!

A trip to Holland is not complete without seeing some of their famous windmills!

Next up-the Royal Palace in Dam Square in AMSTERDAM! And-like the locals-Explorer Duck is traveling by bike. If you have ever been to Amsterdam, one thing you will never forget (even if you eat the magic mushrooms there ;) is the overwhelming numbers of bikes parked everywhere!

Explorer Duck: “I did not have the mushrooms, but the cheese was delicious.”

Explorer Duck at one of the gorgeous canals. Did she go for a quick swim?

Maybe she did not go for a swim in the canal, but she did take a dip with one of the local Scottish cattle.

Explorer Duck: “I will float quietly as not to disturb this elusive harry wildebeast. Shhhhh, quack.”

These photos were all taken by fellow duck collector and Dutch native Marieke L. There are so many other quack-tastic photos of her trip through the Netherlands. You can see those as well as photos from her other travels thus far here.

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2 Responses to Explorer Duck Visits Holland!
  1. Valli Hammer
    September 16, 2011 | 2:37 PM

    Hi! Love the Holland ones. Did you send her there or did you go there yourself? I go in Novmeber and would love a connection.!!

  2. Colleen
    November 16, 2011 | 8:14 AM

    Ugh! I just saw this. This duck was the one passed around on Duckplanet. Dutchduckie had the duck at the time. Dutchduckie has an amazing collection!! You should try and get in touch with her if you see this before you go!

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