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Stop Motion Duck Film

Three weeks ago I impulsively decided to enter a film fest at the Sparrow Tavern. I know what you are thinking….a film fest at a bar? Yes! But it’s not just any bar. The Sparrow Tavern is located in Astoria (Queens) New York where a lot of up and coming NYC actors and film makers live. The fest was actually started by an actor and has grown ever since. This film fest…called “The 3 Cubed Film Festival”….is held every 3 months. Participants draw their titles from a bucket and have 3 weeks to come up with a 3 minute film based on the title they draw…..hence the name of the fest…”Three Cubed Film Fest.”

I have no experience in film making or editing, but I decided to give it a go. The titles for this film fest were torn from the New York Times. The title I drew was…..”My Diamond in the Rough.” I figured I would make a stop motion film using Zorro Duck. Easy, right? Ha! First, there was the building of two sets….a wild west town set and a saloon set. After a trip to Home Depot, Michaels, Party City, and many online stores I created the sets (and costumes):

Then there was the taking of the pictures……800 give or take….a painstaking process of moving the ducks across the sets little by little to animate them. Then there was music, dialogue, a few other touches, and 2 weeks later…..Voila!  My first duck motion picture was created! Off to Sparrow I went to drop it off for the fest. How did it turn out? Stay tuned tomorrow for the movie……..Zorro Duck in……”My Diamond in the Rough.”

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3 Responses to Stop Motion Duck Film
  1. GreyDuck
    April 4, 2011 | 8:14 AM

    Would you believe that my original idea for "something to do with my camera and the ducks" was a stop-motion movie project? I think that the webcomic was the smarter move, but still… neat!

  2. Wonderduck
    April 7, 2011 | 6:42 PM

    Looking forward to the premiere!

  3. Colleen
    June 13, 2011 | 8:07 AM

    GreyDuck: Be glad you didn't! Those stop motion projects take a lot longer to put together than you would think! Haha! Took me an entire weekend just to shoot the pictures for it! Although…it would be cute to see Rusty in action ;)

    Wonderduck: Yay!

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