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A Cadbury Comparison

Bunny: “These eggs are both made by Cadbury, but one is clearly larger than the other.”

Cowduck: “You got that right, partner.”

Bunny: “You see…this one is from Australia and that one is from America….but the Australian one is bigger.”

Cowduck: “Everything’s bigger in Texas….but this egg isn’t from Texas….it’s from Australia.”

Bunny: “Perhaps we should compare them by taste…..”

Bunny: “My Cadbury egg is delicious! How’s yours, Cowduck?”

Cowduck: “Nom, nom, nom. I’ll tell you what….this one may be smaller…but it’s still down right tasty.”

Bunny: “Yeah. My Cadbury egg tastes much better than this carrot I’m holding……Say, Cowduck…..does it look bad that we are eating eggs….we are ducks, after all.”

Cowduck: “I wish I knew how to quit you, chocolate.”

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