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Mardi Gras Is Upon Us!

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Tomorrow is Mardi Gras!  So-in the spirit of the day celebrated by hurling beads, sucking down frozen hurricanes, and feasting on beignets and king cakes-I thought I would share some New Orleans pics of my own Mardi Gras shenanigans ….with ducks, of course…..

Duck: “Looks like my tail feathers could be in a little trouble!”

Devil Duckette: “Nothin’ goes better with a slice of pizza than a daiquiri!” *wink, wink*

Ragin’ Cajun Duck: *singing in the style of Zydeco*  “1..2..3..4..Don’t mess with my squeak, squeak!”

Cheese Duck: “Where can I find some rubber duck beads around here…and where is all that quacking coming from?!”

Mardi Gras Duckette: “I did it for the beads!”

Cheese Duck: “Rubber duck sticker found in the Big Easy. I’ve heard this duck’s quack is a lot worse than his bite. I don’t believe it. I better keep an eye out for this fowl feathered friend…”

(Potent Bathers is actually a local New Orleans band. Nothing foul about them at all ;)

And last but not least…..

Duck: *waddling with rapid strides* “There’s gators on Bourbon Street!”

Gator: “Rarrrrrrrh!”

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