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Tales of Explorer Duck

It all started one day when a duck collecting friend of mine from Pennsylvania named Olivia had an idea….”Let’s start a duck chain”. What is a duck chain? Let me explain the duck chain and how it works (in non duckspeak)….. Olivia buys a duck. She begins by taking pictures of this duck (given the well-suited name “Explorer Duck”) in her city. She then sends the duck out to another duck collector in another city. That person keeps the duck for a while and takes pictures of it in their city. Then that person would send it to another duck collector, and so on.

Explorer Duck has already traveled to 4 cities in the US with more to come. Then the duck heads across the pond to the UK and the Netherlands! And-Duckshow is going to be updating this lucky ducky’s travels! Let’s take a look at some of Explorer Ducks adventures thus far:

It all began in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Here she challenges the folks at Smokin’ Joes to a game of pool.

Explorer Duck: (talking about a previous game…er..hustle) “He called the case nine in the side, a two-railer. He bounced it off the point with a major choke, it banks it in the corner and he slips on the wrap, flips the stick out of his grip, and miscues. With ball-in-hand on the five I hooked him behind the six for the nine ride.” I hear she’s also good at darts.

Explorer duck also found time to hang out with the locals at Pat Catan’s for some arts and crafts.

Next stop….Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Here are a couple of highlights of her stay there:

Here she is posing with Perry Como’s statue.

Explorer Duck (singing): “Don’t let the stars get in your eyes,
Don’t keep your heart from me,
For some day I’ll return,
And you know you’re the only one I’ll ever love!”

And here she is rocking out to her favorite band, Junk Fingers. (You can see her back there in the far left on the speaker.)

Then Explorer Duck was off to St. Paul, Minnesota where a flock of ducks were awaiting her arrival:

And I hear they had one hell of a party in her honor. Rubber ducks know how to party. If you have any doubts about their celebratory ways,  you obviously haven’t seen this clip:

Now you know.

Explorer Duck also visited Harriet Island Regional Park.

She then spent time enjoying the winter wonderland with one of the locals named “Bert.” She found him lovely, but knew that it would never work out with her traveling lifestyle…so she bid him goodbye and promised to write. Am I reading too much into these adventures? Perhaps….but that’s how we do it on Duckshow….with a little imagination and a lot of quackiness;)

Tune in tomorrow for her fourth stop…..Ohio! For now I bid you all adieu!

Photos by fellow duck collectors extraordinaire: Melissa, Olivia, Autumn, and Alena.

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5 Responses to Tales of Explorer Duck
  1. GreyDuck
    February 19, 2011 | 8:45 PM

    Oooooo, neat idea this. (Granted, Wonderduck suggested something similar to me last year, but I wasn't in a position to follow up with him on it. Hmmm.)

    • Colleen
      February 20, 2011 | 6:09 AM

      GreyDuck-Go to Duckplanet and sign up for the duck! It would actually be both funny and interesting to see the duck in one of your duck comics! Wonderduck should do the same-it would be pretty funny to see Explorer Duck trotting around "Duckford." And PS…"Brains!" Heehee.

  2. Olivia
    February 20, 2011 | 5:30 AM

    That's a great summary of her travels so far! I like all the extra stuff thrown in, it makes it more interesting ;)

    • Colleen
      February 20, 2011 | 6:04 AM

      Thanks! I thought it would be fun to to a little spin on her adventures ;) More posts of Explorer Duck to come!

  3. GreyDuck
    February 21, 2011 | 8:20 AM

    Colleen: Ah, there's a FORUM there! I didn't really realize that before. (Like I need another place to while away time… *cough*)

    I've signed up and said hello and such, we'll see what comes of it. :)

    PS: "Brains." *grin*

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