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Next Stop….OHIO!

The fourth stop on Explorer Duck’s travels is Ohio. What kind of adventures lie ahead for this traveling globe-quacker? I’m glad you asked (or I hope you did, anyway). Here are some highlights from her trip to Ohio:

Here she is at Glamorgan Castle! I thought castles only existed in Europe and other exotic locals-I was obviously mistaken.

Explorer Duck: “A castle! They really do exist in the US!”

And of course, what would her trip be without visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Explorer Duck: “How about those Packers?!”

Explorer Duck was also in Ohio just in time to bring in the new year…..wait a minute….how did she know the Packers were going to win the Superbowl when this picture was taken in December? Hmmmm. I’m going to have to consult her next year and play a little fantasy football ;)

Explorer Duck: “Happy New Year!”

And finally, she hangs out with some of the Ohio locals. What a crazy bunch! Perhaps too crazy?

Gene Ducky Simmons: “I want to quack ‘n’ roll all night and party every day!”

I guess that would be her cue to move on to the next city…..New York City! What awaits her there? Stay tuned to find out about that and about being held ransom at the NYC post office. Really!? Yes, really! But more about that next week!

Photos by Melissa.

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