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Explorer Duck Takes NYC

It wasn’t so easy for Explorer Duck to get to NYC. After waiting for the duck to come in the mail, it had to be rescued from the post office. And-it was by accident from having to retrieve another package (full of ducks, coincidentally) that the post office worker found the box with Explorer Duck (waiting inside restlessly to be released into the Big Apple).  I’m convinced my post office is up to something….I’m expecting ransom notes from them any day now saying…..”Pay up or the duck gets it!” But enough about the USPS. Let’s get on with Explorer Duck and her NYC stay….

First order of business….the traditional welcome form the Duckshow crew. “Surprise!”

And they partied the night away in true NYC duckie fashion. “Woot, woot, quack!” The next day Explorer Duck headed out to see the sights of the city. After getting a metrocard, she waddles onto the Q train (or “Q”uack train if you’re a duck).

First stop-Ground Zero!

Next stop-Brooklyn Bridge!

Explorer Duck: “Perhaps I will take a swim in the East River.” Fun fact….Thousands of ducks are released to race for charities in that section of river behind her. Not only is she standing in front of a national historical landmark, but she is also standing in front of a rubber duck landmark. It seems we killed two birds with one stone in this picture (figuratively, of course).  Next stop….Grand Central Station!

Explorer Duck: “This is grand!”

Stay tuned for more of her NYC adventures. The next one is going to be Serendipitous!

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