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Amusing Duck….Hunt

When I first “layed” my eyes on this little gem I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by it’s duckish charm! I also got a good chuckle at the description of the duck on the front and back of the box.  Here is the back of the box:

And if the description isn’t amusing enough, here is the duck in “Bump N’ Go” action:

I have been wanting this duck for a long time, but it is almost impossible to track down online. Sure, there are imitations out there. But they just don’t measure up to this particular model. Then, suddenly I had an idea….I shall go on a Duck Hunt… for the elusive Amusing Duck! And what more logical place to hunt this duck down than in Manhattan’s Chinatown! Sound the gong!

So I made the trek to Chinatown. To cross or not to cross the street…that was the question. Not really. I was just getting mixed “signals” at the Bayard St. crosswalk.  I crossed (of course) going from stop to shop searching for said duck.

I brought a picture along so I wouldn’t seem like a complete moron when asking about this rare species of duck. I asked all the shop owners if they had seen this duck or knew where I could find it. Most of them laughed (or looked at me like I was nuts) and sent me to another street or shop in the area. After hours of hunting, I was growing weary from walking around in the frigid weather and decided to call off the search. Alas, my search was not successful…this time.

It wasn’t a completely wasted trip, I must say. I spotted tons of little rubber ducks in one of the shops. Had I been looking for those today, I would have hit the jackpot! As for the Amusing Duck….the hunt continues. Gaggle! Gaggle!

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