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Luna’s Adventures in Duck-efeller Center

When we last left off Luna (the little duck visiting from Pittsburgh) explored the crossroads of the world AKA Times Square. She hopped into a cab to her next destination…..Rockefeller Center.

Luna: “Thanks for the ride across town, Mr Cabbie! Now for some exploration…Like my new scarf? It’s a little chilly out here and a duck’s gotta stay warm and look fashionably nize whilst in NYC.”

After getting out of the cab, Luna waddled through Rock Center.

Luna: “Here is where they put that huge Christmas tree! Must pose for a picture.”

Luna: “And here is where that ice skating rink goes! Looks like they are wasting no time getting that thing set up.”

Luna: “I wonder if that peacock will come out if I hang around for a while?”

Luna never came across that NBC peacock-but she did meet a mallard.

Luna: “Hello there, Mr. Mallard. How’s living here in Rockefeller Center?”

Mallard: “It’s just fabulous, rubber duckie. And that scarf you have on is just delightful…purple is the new black, you know.”


Next stop…Radio City Music Hall.

Luna: “Perhaps I will audition for the Rockettes. These bird legs can kick higher than one might think!”

Luna: “Long way up….I’d fly to the top….for a Klondike Bar.

Luna: “One last stop for the day…..The Late Show! I wonder if Dave has any Top Ten lists about rubber ducks?”

And with that Luna headed back to her luxurious hotel to take a bath…

Luna: “I gotta worsh up! Comic Con is just around the corner!”

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