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Mystery of the ‘Lost Duck’ Continues, Mystery of the ‘Found Duck’ explained

Perhaps some day I will find out the mystery behind all those ‘Lost Duck’ signs that were hung around NYC. But let me explain the quackiness behind those ‘Found Duck’ signs…. Most people who know me know I collect rubber ducks. Most everyone collects something…movies, shoes, coins, jewelry, records, comic books, etc. It started as a funny, goofy idea for bathroom decoration. Now my friends and family bring them back from their vacations and and give them to me. I also recieve them for holidays and birthdays….or for whatever other reason that comes into play (and I always get a kick out of it).  Anyway, I also love photography…so the two collided to create

Funny enough, around the time my friends spotted the ‘Lost Duck’ signs, it just so happened that I had taken a day off from work for a vacation day. Some ideas began to pop into my duckishly (I believe I just invented a new word) overactive mind for plans on my day off.

First I thought of doing a ransom sign for the lost duck. But what would the ransom price be?…..ten gallons of bubble bath? Then I thought of a story involving Inspector Quack…

Other ideas came to mind, but I ended up with the Zorro Duck story because the Zorro Duck stories are popular on my flickr photo stream.

I was overjoyed to find the article on the Village Voice Blog about my ‘Found Duck’ signs. I am happy that Zorro Duck and Samuel L. Quackson…or was that Samuel L. Duckson ;) in the “Hold My Duck” section were able to get them to laugh. Here’s one more for them:

Everyone has a rubber duck or has owned one at some time. There are so many different varieties and colors of rubber ducks. You can get an idea of that by checking out Just Ducks online rubber duck store. They are a cultural icon. I’ve just taken ducks to a new level and given them character and humor. For me, Duckshow is a creative outlet and gives me practice with photography….and I must say I get a kick out of making up all this quacky stuff.

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One Response to Mystery of the ‘Lost Duck’ Continues, Mystery of the ‘Found Duck’ explained
  1. Joe
    July 3, 2010 | 4:22 PM

    Brilliant …Zorro strikes agian!!! and more notoriety….Zorro Ducks destined to stardom. Oh and I think you aint heard the last of Sammy L holding the duck.(My but you are very persuasive)

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