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Duckfest from a rubber duck’s perspective

Ever wonder what Duckfest would be like from a rubber duck’s perspective? Of course you have. And here on Duckfest we will happily go to there………..
Cheese Duck: “All those tasty treats over there are starting to make my beak water. I must get right over there before all the duck collectors do!”

Cheese Duck: “Duck shaped cookies! I can’t wait to sink my beak into one of those….hmm….would it be gauche of me to eat one since they are duck-shaped?”

Cheese Duck: “Duckcakes! I’m so glad I have teeth! I cannot pass these treats up! Of course I will take the duck off the duckcake before eating. I love me some blue icing!”

Cheese Duck: “Perhaps I will take a gander at this….or should I? If I win do I have to share the tub with all of them? “

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One Response to Duckfest from a rubber duck’s perspective
  1. Caroline
    August 16, 2009 | 4:46 AM

    again amazing

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